Monday, March 18, 2013

Johnny's 2nd Birthday

My little man is two, my baby is a toddler.  Johnny's birthday was January 21st. I still consider him my baby, but then people with real life babies are like "No, he is definitely a toddler."  I just ignore them. He is my baby still! 
For Johnny's birthday this year I wanted to everything character-themed, he had just gotten into character recognition and it cracked me up. Right around his birthday, his favorite show was Toy Story and he could watch it all day if I let him. He had all the songs memorized and laughed at all the right parts- he has a very strong sense of humor- maybe just compared to his sister I'm not sure, but he is such a tease and loves being teased back. 
Anyway, on to his birthday:
He was so happy when he saw his table- "Wow, Johnny's Birday!"

His Cake:

 After a breakfast of applesauce and oranges, his favorite, we played with our friend, Owen!

Then we road our bikes with Dad, I love this picture of Johnny:

After naps, he cuddled with his Dad and watched Toy Story 2.

Then the kids played with Play Dough, let me tell you, this more than special occurrence at the Brassell house.

This next sequence of pictures makes me smile!

 Then we opened presents! Johnny got that race car track you can see from the background from us, blocks and spiderman stuff from my mom, and a farmer fisherprice set from John's parents. He was one happy boy.
Then Owen came over again and got Johnny and colorful vibrating, singing ball thing and they played with that forever.

 Johnny is my joy boy. He is always so happy and good humored. Even when he gets in trouble, he just laughs and says- "Ok, mom."  Johnny asks three times for things- the first time he'll ask normal, then he'll ask really sweet, then he'll growl and you and grimace his face and ask in a growled voice. It cracks me up.
Johnny is his sister's sidekick, his mommy's protector and his daddy's mischievous prodigy.
He refuses to eat anything green.  His favorite food is cheese.
He is adventurous and will likely kill himself one of these days our backs are turned. Just a few weeks ago, he grabbed his big wheel and dragged to the top of a SUPER steep hill by our house and as he was speeding to his emanate death, I sprinted down to catch him (I probably looked like a super model mixed with an olympic runner...or a mom overreacting and jiggling every which way.) anyway...right as I caught up to stop him I witnessed the pure joy on his face- he is a lover of thrills. And dirt. And trucks. And "dinoraurs!" And like I said- Toy Story.
He loves singing "Young Homie" by Chris Rene.
He part fish and begs for baths all day long.
His smile melts my heart and every day I thank God for such a sweet boy to be in my life!
Happy Birthday Little Man! 



Ellen said...

Hahaha! Mary, you are SO funny. I loved your description of you running - I laughed out loud when I read that. What a fun family you have (and you're lot's of fun too!). Life is Good :)

erin anderson said...

Oh my goodness he is such an adorable stud!!! So handsome!

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