Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick before it goes away! (As of two weeks ago...)

Found this rough draft when I was posting this morning, thought I would share it, mostly since I even forgot about these little moments and don't want to! So I am posting them- two weeks later, and if you are in for another long, but more updated read- scroll a little farther to today's initial post! Enjoy! And if you don't, its OK, I will!

That is how I feel with posts lately- Johnny or Caity will start doing something that will make me laugh and then by the time I blog about it they don't do it anymore, and then, it just isn't the just real quick, before it goes away:

Ticklish teeth. Caity laughs hysterically every time I brush her teeth, then she can't breath normal so she snorts, which makes me laugh which makes her laugh harder.  No matter the sass of the day, she transforms into a four year old once again, right before bed time.

Caity's current favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. Thank goodness, because I like it too!

Johnny has been "shush"ing me lately. It is a very curt and precise "sh." It goes something like this:
Me: Johnny, it's time to go to be--"
Johnny: Sh.
Me: No, its time for bed.
Johnny: (points at me) Sh.
It doesn't even sound funny here, but it is- I mean, a little rude and he does get in trouble for it, but every night when I go to bed and think about my day, I laugh about it.

On Sunday Caity (our in-house musical) was dancing around the house singing, "On Christmas! On Christmas! Anything can happen! First you get married! Then you have a baby! Oh yeah, mmmmmMMMmmm." (repeat, repeatedly.until dad says to stop.)

Johnny gets car sick, his head starts going in a circle and his turns all pale then he throws up, then he gets MAD. He clenches his little fists and grits his teeth together and yells, "ARRRRRGH!" over and over again. Poor guy. He continues all the way until he is fresh clothes.

When her Aunt said she was scared to get married, Caity put her hand on her Aunt's knee and responded in the most compassionate, sugary voice, "It's OK to be scared, your husband will dance with you and make it better."

Yesterday the kids went downstairs and started playing without even saying "hi" to me. I called down to them that I wanted to cuddle and Johnny said, "No! Not until dad leaves to play 'backetball' and 'schoo'" John says he is trying to become the alpha male.

When Johnny is really upset with me he looks at me in DEAD seriousness and eats my nose, chews twice and swallows- without breaking eye contact.

I couldn't figure out how to turn the sound down on an Ipod Touch, Caity showed me then said in a you-are-pitiful-and-i-feel-sorry-for-you voice, "Does it hurt your feelings that I am smarter than you sometimes, mom?"

Caity is learning how to ride on two wheels, it is a struggle. I love her, but her balance is lacking.

As of Today

What has been going on lately!
  • Is as handsome as always, if I do say so myself.
  • One more final and he is done with his first year of law school, yay!
  • Purchased another land Cruiser, removed all this (apparently) cool off-roading stuff from said Land Cruiser- ie-38" tires, cool bumper  with a winch, lift and springs....placed them on our family's Land Cruiser, then sold purchased land cruiser for the same price he bought if for!  I wish I could manipulate my hobbies so they could come out free....heck, I wish I had hobbies.
  • Still playing basketball in the mornings
  • Landed a great internship in Bellevue, WA- now, like a couple weeks before discovered it might not happen because of budget cuts- bah! Praying!
  • We just got hired as ACA's (apartment managers) at our student housing (I say "we" because John was hired, but lets face it, who is going to  be planning the community easter egg hunt next year? Yes, me.) So...FREE RENT for the next two years!
  • Just got hired to be a Student Ambassador for the law school.
  • Can ride her bike without training wheels! She is so proud. Who am I kidding, I am so proud.  Mostly John though. He took the petals off her bike so she could practice balancing (this girl seriously trips about 5 times a day, and add two wheels and pedals- fail.)  After about two weeks I come home from a church meeting to see Caity zipping on by as fast as she can! She looked all grown up and so little at the same time.  She doesn't dare go slow because she is not the best brake-er, but she is getting better.  Now she rides the sidewalk around our place singing "I love Mommy she loves me, We love Daddy- Yessireee, we all love Jesus, so you see- we are a happy fam-i-ly!"  (mommy and daddy and be replaced with Johnny, Barbie, various My Little Ponies, trees, etc.)
  • Has become quite the little helper! Every day she has a few chores to do, and man, it is nice to have her help! 
  • Is obsessed with our neighbor's baby, Mason.
  • It has been 80 degrees the last few days and yesterday, Caity exclaimed, "Spring LOVES me!"
  • Is a rapid dandelion collector. 
  • Is NOT a morning person. (Johnny is, sooo, this is very funny.)
  • In awkward situations, Johnny growls. He bows he head, narrows his eyes and growls at you. 
  • He escapes...way too often.  Puts his shoes on, walks outside, takes his shoes off, runs across the parking lot to a playground that has nothing but a slide. 
  • Likes to ride his big wheel down waaaaay too steep hills.
  • Pretends to be "Wreck it Ralph."  (actually really cute, he pounds his little fists on the couch and says, "I wreck it!"
  • Every day, after I tuck him in, he calls under the door, "Mom! Love you too!"
  • Still copying Caity. 
  • Sometimes Caity will try to help him with something, he'll growl at her, like a socially normal person. Caity will say, "Johnny, I am just trying to help you!" For a second, Johnny will break character and say "Sorry, I just Mon-ter" or "Sorry, I just Dino-door,"  and he will shrug, squint his eyes and smile and snap back into his growling self. 
  • Johnny still calls himself "Cal-hyoun.
  • The best for last (just kidding...but f'real.)
  • Still in college. Bah. I mean....not "bah." How grateful I am BYU-Idaho offers the rest of my major online to complete.  Some day I'll do that- complete it that is.  I know, some of you are thinking, "Mary, you told me you were graduating like 2 or 3 years ago." I'm crazy and hope things so much I assume there true.  Honestly, I will graduate in 100 years because that is just the way my life is!  Every day I try to drop out, John is pushing me to finish and I hate him for it. Yet, love him for it too.
  • Is addicted to Candy Crush- a face book game, my dumb (wonderful) in laws introduced it to me. (Dumb because it is addicting.) I have set rules, so it doesn't take away from family time or school time, but man, dumb game! (No offense, Candy Crush, you know I don't mean it.)
  • Is excited to live closer to her big brother this Summer.
  • Loves working in the primary at our church.

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