Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Weekend, Another Beach.

We met the Wilcox family when we were both newlyweds.  Kassandra and I served in the primary together at church and Cameron and John were soon bound for life as they discovered their mutual love for Dodge trucks and fishing. Boys are funny that way. They have been great friends ever since and despite living apart for four years, they still talk often. The Wilcoxes were part of a group of friends we had while we lived at Park Place in Rexburg- that was one of the funnest groups and I just hold all those friends in a special place in my heart. When the boys would go play paint ball on Saturdays, I remember going to Kassie's house and watching BBC Jane Austen renditions. Such fun memories.
We were so excited for our internship in Washington because we knew we would be able to see this awesome family.
They lived closer the the Canadian border so we journeyed up there for a weekend getaway.
Our girls clicked, which was so fun since the last time we saw each other, they were just babes.
We got to see there new house (!) and had a barbecue and played games.  The boys went fishing and talked about cars and the outdoors.
One day, we went to one of their favorite beaches close by. I'll hand it to them, it was gorgeous.  There was this half mile or so hike down to the actual beach. It was like a jungle, as soon as you got on the path, the sunlight almost completely disappeared!
 There were berries along the way that we snacked on. Every time we saw a bridge, the girls would stomp and give salutations to the troll that lived under the bridge.
 It was so cold, but so beautiful on the actual beach.  It was like this little oasis hidden from the world.  It was fun looking for life under all the rocks.  We found crabs among other creepy crawly things that Johnny and Caity found fascinating while I squirmed.  It was just a lot of fun exploring though. We went clam digging and star fish hunting, played in the sand, and had a picnic. 

The Wilcox family setting up our picnic- they were awesome hosts! 

Star fish!

Isn't it gorgeous??

Mom! I found clam shells! She clutched those shells for the rest of the summer!

Clam diggin'!

Cute family.

It was such a fun reunion and was a total highlight of our summer. Hopefully there won't be so much time in between our next get together!

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Brit said...

This made me so badly want to go to the coast! Why did I never visit!? I can't even believe starfish are real. I'm glad you still keep in touch with so many of your friends over the years along all of yall's moves. But then again, who wouldn't want to be or stay friends with you!

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