Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oregon Coast

We are living in Washington this summer.  John has a good friend that lives right on the Southern Oregon Coast, so we decided to take Highway 101 right along the coast. It was gorgeous!  Our camera battery died the first day of the trip so all I have to document the adventure is a million pictures of the Tillamook Factory and the visit to our first beach and then some from our friend's phone.  It was definitely a trip to remember though! 
(excuse the pictures being so out of order.)
This was at a The Simpson Garden Park- it was so pretty.  Back in  like the 1800's some wealthy family  owned the grounds and made this garden that led to a beautiful private beach. It was breathtaking.

Some beach, somewhere- we went to like twenty.
Another Beach
I put this one up for the sole purpose of proving to John I don't only put up picturs I look good in! haha!

We found star fish!

At the Tillamook Factory:

First beach we saw in Oregon.

The lighthouse keeper's house.

The first thing Johnny did when he saw the ocean was look for a rock to throw in it. This kid is OBSESSED with rocks...and throwing them in water. It was so funny.
He was really proud of this one.

The first thing Caity did when she saw the beach (aside from taking off her shoes) is grab a stick to mark her territory. Caity was here!
She is so cute, I can't stand it.
The lighthouse.

Caity and the Lighthouse.
So, the next series of pictures were at the Portland, Oregon Temple.  I had to include every one of Johnny because he has been making the weirdest faces lately when we ask him to smile.  It cracks me up and frustrates me at the same time!

Highlights of the trip:
  1. Visiting our friend!
  2. The beautiful scenery! The way the forest went straight up to the beach was so beautiful
  3. Tillamook National Forest, if we were closer we would go back and explore more. It was fun hiking down the river for a quick break from the car.
  4. Eating real fish and chips! 
  5. John got to go Clamming and found some oysters and crabs.
  6. Visiting the Portland Temple then "house hunting" for when we are multi-millionaires! ha!
  7. Caity getting blind sighted by a huge wave- I still laugh just thinking about it. Poor girl was dancing and singing the ocean with her back to a huge (as tall as she was) wave.  It completely knocked her over- poor thing was terrified!  John and his friend went running to help her, but another wave came and they didn't want to get their shoes wet so they just watched.  Oh- John just corrected me, they actually "yelled for her to hurry and come." Men. Just kidding. And she wasn't in any extereme danger, but in her little 4 year old eyes I am sure it was a near death experience.  Just ask her about it.  She just kept rolling around in the water trying to stand up and she had sand every where.  The next day though, she was up and at it again dancing with the tide.  Cute girl.  I felt so bad, but it sure is funny to laugh about later. 
  8. John and I visited this cute Cranberry Chocolates shop- it was like a giant tea party! 
  9. Seeing all the lighthouses! So pretty! We traveled the entire Oregon coast so there are only a couple that we missed.

It was a fun trip, I am glad we got to go!


Brit said...

Oh my gosh I love this!!!!!

Brit said...

Ok just making sure that comment worked before I unloaded!
I miss them sooooo much they are getting so big and I'm missing all of it! This isn't supposed to be!
The Oregon coast looks beautiful and you make me need to go there!
You look great by the way. And I like johns shoes-tell him that. And the starfish was my favorite! Do they wiggle??
Are you going to the cabin??

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