Thursday, June 6, 2013

Airplanes, Trolls, and the BIG Water

Today we opted to give the screen door a break from our kids and hit the town

The Airplain Museum was having a free admission day and we figured that worked with our budget, and so off we went on our merry little way.
It was a pretty fun museum and despite the crowds, we had a really great time.  Johnny and Caity thought all the planes were so cool, and they made the experience. 

In front of some old plane that was really cool.

Our little fighter pilots!

Caity's face! Haha.  This picture only happened because Johnny randomly plopped himself on the floor and refused to move because he was "so very tired."

I love how he claps his hands when he gets excited. "The phone is for you, Johnny!"
He's so cute!

In a flight simulator. He only crashed every time.  We tried to get my pregnant self in the harness, but not only was it an extremely awkward effort, but I swear I almost went into labor. 

 After the Museum of Flight, we decided to check out the Fremont Troll. It was so cool!

John, making fun of Johnny's gremlin-smile.
I don't even know how I got up there, let me tell you- it was a labor. But, made it, I did. And we got a picture to prove it. 
The kids thought it was the coolest monster ever.  It is so cool because you are just driving under the bridge and then BOOM! A giant troll grasping a VW beetle.  He was huge. He nostril alone can fit Johnny's entire head. (I won't tell you how we know that.)
Then we ran down the side walk under the bridge to look at all the boat houses and the water.  It was so beautiful. 
I just love Seattle.

The Fremont Bridge

Dancing on the Board walk!

We were pretty spent by the time we made it home and the kids were acting a little goofy.  They make me laugh:

 Well, it was another good day in Seattle. So glad John was able to be around to spend it with us!


Whitney said...

I can't believe how little they look!! It looks like you guys had some seriously fun times!

Brit said...

the seattle troll and gum wall and pikes market have been on my bucket list forever and gosh my biggest regret in life right now was not taking a day or two of work to visit yall when you lived there! cute pictures! i am so glad you decided to climb up and take a picture!

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