Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6 months ago we went to Palouse Falls.

Well, I can't be the only one on the planet with an album of old pictures on their computer that give me a guilt trip every time I see said album because I have yet to blog about it. Bah! Sooo, if you were wondering
a- what my kids looked like last February
b- if the Palouse Falls is pretty
c-what we look like posing in front of the Palouse Falls from like 20 angles
d- how you can waste the next 5 minutes of your day...
Have I got a post for you!!
Here is the waterfall.  I thought it was pretty! There were a lot of fun trails around it, so it was fun to go explore for a couple hours.
This is us. John hates this picture because are in front of a fence and he thinks that tacky. Most people would be like, "Oh a fence, I feel safe." John's like, "Oh a fence, this was a waste of time."
So we found place that didn't have a fence...I actually really love this picture! John looks so handsome! The cliffs were kind of scary with two little kids, especially since every fifth step of Caity's is a stumble- ha ha.

This was a really cool railroad we hiked down to.  John missed my real jump, I was actually about six feet higher than what is shown in the picture. #notreally. #bringinghashtagstoblogger

Aaaaand here is a terrible picture of John and I! BUT who knows, maybe some day we will look back and we like- wow we looked so good! #notcountingonit #hashtaggingisforwinners

I LOVE this picture with Johnny- his smile just melts my heart!  I a definitely making sure this one ends up in his wedding slide show.

Another one on the tracks...this was a really cute moment to watch- I am not much of a capture-it-perfectly-on-camera kind of girl, but I still remember it in my head and it was a really perfect little time has stopped moment.

I love her smile! John wondered what I was trying to get a picture of in this picture behind Caity- you know, besides the really awesome telephone pole. You guys see the dinosaur in the background right? #don'tlooktoohard #useyourimagination

Oh! He is so handsome!! I am just the luckiest!

I can NOT for the life of e get a normal picture of these two! Ha ha, I guess this is their normal anyhow! They are so fun together.

My little man!!

It was a really fun family outing and I am excited to do it again.  We played games, had a picnic and just enjoyed spending the day together! 


Brit said...

mary you and the funniest and best writer! i love you! and those kids smiles and priceless. and i love your jump picture- you rock it!

Brooke said...

Love! And I'm glad I know I'm not the only one who feels a stab of guilt/judgement when I have those dang photos on the computer that are begging to be blogged about.
But I really love the photos - what a beautiful place! And a super beautiful family :)

Laura Nelson said...

Great pictures! Your jumping picture makes me feel like I need to take a jumping picture. I've never done one.

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