Monday, July 15, 2013

A good day.

Today we woke up, picked up some running boards for our Land Cruiser in Seattle- for FREE :) Yay.
John got frustrated because we "got lost" on the way, for me it was fun to explore! I just love Seattle, my little city, the skyline makes me smile and the people make me want sit on a bench and observe city life for the a creeper. On a bench or something.  I like the old buildings, I like the busy people rushing around, as well as the not so busy people playing guitar on the street corner with a marijana bandana, I like the sailboats and the fancy condos, I like the modern art and smell of the Puget Sound.
While we were lost we drove past the Fremont Troll and that thing just makes me pretend I am artistic and can fully appreciate it- though I probably can't.  I do have a great imagination though- and I am all about trolls living under bridges- so I said "hi." (In a very quiet, don't bother John who is lost sort of way.)

Then, we went to Alki Beach in Seattle.  We walked a mile on the board walk, danced in the waves, dug a really deep hole, then chased the waves some more. I love the beach. This was probably my favorite part of the summer so far.

Then, we went to Dick's Drive-In. I haven't been there in about 10 years, though it was a favorite in high school (yes, I am old, apparently.) The first time I went they were celebrating their 50th anniversary and this time it was their 60th- that was kinda cool.  Dick's Drive-In is similar to In-N-Out but...well, better and more original and more Seattle than California.  It was so fun to go with John and my kids and was a total stroll down memory lane.

Then, we got home- put the kids in bed for a nap and made chocolate banana milk shakes. The baby and I liked that.

Dinner, Taco Soup, is in the crockpot (aren't those always the best days?)

For family night tonight we are painting wooden cars and going to the library, then head on over the park.

Guess what? This is basically my last week of classes until January!  I am so excited I could throw my computer against the wall and yell "Good riddance, online classes!" but then I wouldn't have a computer, and online classes would still exist because the internet doesn't live exclusively in my computer. Also, I wouldn't be able to play Candy Crush.
Sad, my pictures are on the other laptop- I will post some soon, PROMISE! (Soon being relative of course!) (Update: pictures below!)
Another side note- yesterday at church there were like three new babies- like two/three weeks old kind of new babies- and I just wanted to run up and beg to hold the sweet little things, but I refrained because I have only been to this congregation like twice and am a complete stranger. BUT in two months I get to snuggle my heart's content and I just can't wait. (I hope that wasn't gloating- not my intention, I just have to tell someone I am excited!)

Here are so pictures from our walk and the beach:

This is one of my favorites, it just captures a moment for me!

Building Sandcastles.

Oh, let me just walk down these stairs to my utter DEATH.

Our family of four and half.
This house was buried between all these high rise apartments and it had the most beautiful flowers.

He loves his Dad.

I love this picture. My little ocean-dancer.

Our hole was SO deep!

And a couple videos for my sake- I love capturing their little personalities, they change so fast.

video video

And then some pictures from the park:

And that's a wrap!


The Hildreths said...

I seriously love your blog! It is always entertaining and cleverly written. Unlike this comment hahaha! Hope you guys are doing well! It sure sounds like it:)

Lindz said...

I love your blog so much!!! I didn't know you were pregnant!! Boy or girl!

Dixie said...

Seattle sounds wonderful! I hope everyone is doing well! Caity and John sound like they're as cute as ever.

Kristin said...

How fun for you to have a walk down memory lane! I've been thinking about you lately...I hope your pregnancy's going well! You can definitely come and hold my baby to get your fill before yours comes. :) Miss you!

Brooke said...

Haha! I think you should toss your computer anyway. Just for fun ;) and who knows.. maybe the internet DOES live inside of it!

Seattle is SUCH a cool city. When I was growing up the Seattle temple was the closest to my hometown in Alaska, so we tried to head down fairly often. I was always kind of scared of the troll, but I wonder if I would be now? I bet the kids had a blast!

Brit said...

i love when i see YOU in pictures! and this made me really want to live coast side again. i miss the ocean. you brassell's sure have some fun family times!!

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