Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby #3

**Found this post while looking through blogger and it just made me smile! So, although, I have since had a baby- which I know I need to update on- here is a post about my pregnancy that I wrote 6 months ago!

I just hung up my phone and placed it conveniently on my large belly...I thought, "Well, this is as good a time as any to blog a post about my pregnancy."
I know you are all dying to know the ins, the outs and round about of pregnancy number three- so ok, ok....I'll enlighten you. (AKA- SO wouldn't be offended if you skipped this post entirely...but while I have you here...)
I just realized I never announced this baby to blogger...soooo...Tah Dah! We are having a baby! This September! Yay!
The gender is a....surprise!! John made a request that we wait for just one, and this seemed like as good a time as any seeing as we have boy stuff already and girl stuff already and we are in a two bedroom apartment so its not like we are going to have to plan a nursery or what not- not to mention waiting has become extremely economically wise- I don't know so I don't buy! And its KILLING ME! ha ha. Lace or footballs I know not.
Update: today I went to the store and about died not being able to buy the cutest little girl outfit...bah! That John of mine! The things I do for him!
Food.  With Caity I craved skittles and Cheetos (and gained like 80 pounds.) With Johnny I craved vegetables, mustard and fish.  With this baby I crave olives, salt and vinegar chips, and well- anything bitter that I otherwise deem disgusting. There have been a lot of phases though- I realized I should take a pregnancy test when I ate nothing but chips and fresh (HAD to be fresh) salsa for two days straight. Then there was tomato soup and quesadillas. Then it was chocolate banana shakes. This week however I have been on a mashed potatoes and gravy kick, and this in 90 degree-plus temp here poeple. I have made them every day for the past three and think I may make some to go with our Lasagna for dinner tonight, because today- mashed potatoes and gravy goes with everything. Update: made it and it was delicious.
Size. I am laaaarge. Sometimes I startle myself with my reflection, sometimes I wake up John in the middle of the night because when I roll over and wake him up with my belly!
I think the kids will welcome the new addition gladly- they really like babies.  I think Johnny may struggle a bit with not being the baby though- he already starts to pout when I talk to him about it. Caity says she hopes it is a girl because then our family will have enough girls to call ourselves the power puff girls! ok. Update: Johnny says he doesn't want a baby in our house...any ideas on how to help him still feel loved??
Body aches. Boy, has my body been achin'! Not to mention the constant need to lock'n'sneeze if you know what I mean. The third is definitely a different ball game than the first! My face is also swelling the last couple weeks which makes me look sleepy and younger.  In the last week, five people have asked me if I was sleepy or if they woke me up, really I am just puffy!   A lot of other people think I am 5 years younger than I really am, which I wouldn't mind- but with Caity being an almost five year old, it is a little awkward.
What the kids have said about my growing belly:  Caity thinks it is just the most magical beautiful thing in the whole entire world.  She reminds me to lay down so I don't work the baby too hard and makes sure I am eating regularly.  Johnny says, "Whoa, mom! You're bigger than dad!"
Well, that is all I can think about now, and my pregnancy mind has gone blank (seriously, people- I am struggling!) So without further ado...good bye.
Oh wait! I change my mind! There was something else to say...I am having a c-section with this baby. That is a big one. I am not too scared since Caity was a c-section. It is weird having it all scheduled though....its like, "John would you perfer we have the baby the 17th or the 19th, and when are you done with classes?" Then we know about an hour or so later the whole bringing the baby into this crazy world will be over. (Well...let's be honest just beginning.)  I don't really remember much about Caity's c-section recovery except it was painful to bend over, twist and I am hoping things can go smoothly despite having a toddler who loves being held. Leave it to my body to totally go on it's own this time- I have always been induced, 2 weeks after my due date, so starting on my own would be a first!

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