Friday, September 20, 2013

Introducing...William Bradley Brassell!

We are pleased to announce our newest addition,
William Bradley Brassell
Born September 16, 2013
He was 7 pounds and 14 ounces and 20 inches long
and positively perfect in every way.
 Two nights before I had William, John got his first elk! He was so excited.
I wasn't scheduled to have the baby for a few days (the 21st) so I just stayed up late doing washing all the baby boy clothes, knowing I would have to start the girls clothes the next morning.
Well, turns out the next morning as I was laying in bed planning my day- my water broke! 
I wasn't sure at first, so I rolled over and yep, it definitely broke. Johnny snuck in our bed at some point in the middle of the night and he said, "Mom, did you wet the bed?"
John was like, "Are you serious?"
I said, "Yes, I am in labor!"
I've never started on my own before, so it was so exciting! 
It was Caity's first day of preschool and she was just besides herself with all the commotion, and Johnny was so concerned everytime he would see my face tighten up, and he would inform every time I "wet my pants." 
For the record, I was going for "happy" here, not crazy, though I am crazy excited!

My Support Crew!
 I was sure baby #3 was going to be a girl, I was secretly in the very corners of my heart hoping for a boy, but was just excited for the chance to have a baby and since the symptoms matched so close Caity's pregnancy, I was positive it would be a girl.  I was so excited to find out and meet that baby!
I had a C-section and so a curtain was up at my chest, so I couldn't see anything. I looked up at John as I felt them pull the baby out and said "What do they look like? Boy or girl? Just tell me, I'm dying." Then they lowered the curtain and there he was- my little Will.  I was so excited and shocked- all that anticipation and there was that sweet baby. It was real.  I could't wait to hold him.

I remember kissing him and just crying because his skin was so soft and I could just feel how soft and sweet his little spirit was.
 We named him William, inspired by William Tyndale. With his middle name Bradley, after my dad- it was so special seeing my dad's name on his little cart.
It was such a difficult pregnancy- my other two I felt like I could be pregnant forever and be fine, but this one just did a number on me, but as soon as I saw William, I was overwhelmed with how "worth it" it all was.

 Johnny was pretty nervous to meet William, but both of the kids were pretty excited.  Caity ran out of preschool and asked, "Did my mom have the baby? Is it a girl?"  She said she guessed it was OK that it was a boy, but she was a little sad about it.  She couldn't wait to hold her baby brother though. She was especially excited when everyone told her how much Will looked like her!

 These two spoil their little brother with love. 

 So little!

I am just in love. So grateful to have William in our family.  It is like we were incomplete without realizing it. 
William, you are a special boy- I am so happy you are here!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cate's 5th Birthday!

My little girl is 5! I can't even believe it.
We had a butterfly theme for her birthday, she loved it.  Caity is glue in our family, we are her biggest fan club and it was so fun to have a day to celebrate her.

(She specifically wanted cupcakes in the tower! I was pretty proud of my decorating!)
We decorated foam butterflies, watched the Barbie Butterfly movie, went to a couple parks, got a happy meal for lunch, colored her new giant princess book, danced and read book after book...after book.

My mom made matching dresses for her and her doll.

For her birthday party she invited all her favorite people, none of which were under the age of 20. I was so grateful for everyone who came and celebrated with her. She was to the moon and back excited.

I love her face in this video, she is glowing!
For her birthday she got Sunset Shimmer and Rarity (from My Little Pony.)  She was thrilled to say the least as now she has the whole collection.  She also got a colored envelopes, fruit snacks, band aids, a puzzle and a book. 

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