Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cate's 5th Birthday!

My little girl is 5! I can't even believe it.
We had a butterfly theme for her birthday, she loved it.  Caity is glue in our family, we are her biggest fan club and it was so fun to have a day to celebrate her.

(She specifically wanted cupcakes in the tower! I was pretty proud of my decorating!)
We decorated foam butterflies, watched the Barbie Butterfly movie, went to a couple parks, got a happy meal for lunch, colored her new giant princess book, danced and read book after book...after book.

My mom made matching dresses for her and her doll.

For her birthday party she invited all her favorite people, none of which were under the age of 20. I was so grateful for everyone who came and celebrated with her. She was to the moon and back excited.

I love her face in this video, she is glowing!
For her birthday she got Sunset Shimmer and Rarity (from My Little Pony.)  She was thrilled to say the least as now she has the whole collection.  She also got a colored envelopes, fruit snacks, band aids, a puzzle and a book. 


Whitney said...

It sounds like Happy Meals are quite the birthday celebratory lunch! I love that Johnny wanted to play with cars and things and Caity wanted to read!! A girl after both of our hearts :)

Brit said...

again, you out do any and all birthdays/holidays!! i love it. She is soo glowing! that may be my most favorite picture of her ever! i miss you caity!!

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