Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bringing Home Baby William

I was so excited to bring Mr. William home.  His siblings were so excited for him to get there.
I just felt like we were entering this haven of love. 
I am watching these videos months after the fact, and it just makes me so homesick for those first few days, there is nothing quite as special as a brand new baby from heaven.
My mom organized a little welcome home party for William and even had a wreath on our door welcoming us. The kids were bouncing with excitement looking out the window waiting for us.
The first week was a blur, but a happy blur. 
So little in his car seat!
 I don't know how I would have done it without my mom. The week + she was with us, was absolute heaven for my kids. They just felt so loved and sheltered from the time I now how to spend with William.  They would just glow every day as they ran into my room.  She played outside with them and read to them, took them to parks, to the farmer's market and got them cookies.  She absolutely spoiled us and I know I will never be able to repay her.

 We spent most days in jammies watching movies after Grandma left. :) Momma still had some healing to do, you know! It was so sweet seeing my three babes all together.

The picture we posted on FB to announce William's birth.

William breathed so loud when he slept. More than once a friend would be over and think there was a dying animal nearby. Nope, just Will's snoring. At least I always knew he was breathing.
He slept pretty well and although I had to get up to nurse him often, he slept steadily through the night.

My Mom and William again. Did I mention she was here for her birthday too?  She is so selfless. I just love and admire her so much.
Caity all ready for Preschool! (Remember her first day was the day Wills was born, so this little girl was really engjoying it!)
Often I would walk in the room and catch Caity and Johnny looking over William's crib quietly talking about him. It was so sweet.

The first week of October, the Brassells came up to see their new Grandson.
 He got lots of cuddles.

Don't get me wrong- there was a lot of this, as we tried to figure him out, but he was a pretty easy baby.  It was kind of like playing house.  Except for real.
And a couple more with my mom, Grandma Partridge:

His first "almost-smile"
Home has a new definition for me now, it wouldn't be home without William's squishy little hugs and playful smile.  So grateful for this little family.

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Brit said...

in reading all of this i completely forgot that william being a boy was a surprise! it made me so excited all over again that you guys actually did that!! you have such beautiful newborns. and the picture of caity and my mom is one of my most favorite pictures.

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