Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was awesome this year.
The kids were at such fun ages and as always, adding a baby to the mix only made it more fun.

They just started this make a funny face thing, and as much as I just want them to smile, they always make me laugh!

Aww, my Mr. Wills.  Barely a month old!

For FHE, we learned about our bodies and the kids all got matching skeleton PJ's.
Johnny was a little scared of his, so it took like 40 minutes to convince him to put it on. (You can't tell from the pictures, but Caity's was pink.)


Our princess.

Will looked so stinkin cute in his mini skeleton costume

FHE with Dad, they love him!
For Halloween, my mom loaned me a couple clown costumes my brother and I wore as kids, then I made a matching one for William.
I thought they looked so cute.
Johnny was not so happy to be dressed as a clown. So I let him where his (now cool) skeleton pajamas underneath, it kinda worked!  He was the grumpiest clown I ever did see.
But they looked so cute!

Well, I guess William wasn't entirely on board either...

But really, how can anyone be scared of clowns when they are this sweet?

Johnny next to the pumpkin him, John and William carved:

Caity in front of the pumpkin she carved with Mom:

John and I dressed as ghosts for our church's trunk or treat. We would have smiled, but the paint made our teeth look extra yellow! Haha!

For Holidays, my mom has been making Caity little jumpers with matching dresses for her doll, here is her Halloween one that she wore to preschool:

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