Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas 2013: Going on a Tree Hunt

Well, this year we ventured into the great outdoors in search of the perfect Christmas tree.
The day before we went, I told the kids our plan and Caity ran herself to her bed, flung herself upon it, and sobbed dramatically.
Exhasperated, I asked multiple times what in the world was wrong. 
I finally got a sputtered song from her:
"Let it grow...let it grow...I say let it grow... " more sobs followed.
I laughed. The finale song from The Lorax.
The makers of The Lorax would be proud that their movie transformed my daughter into a tree hugger!
We talked (for a loooong time) and decided it would be OK to cut a tree for Christmas.
(though, I felt a bit guilty about it.)
It was harder to find a tree than we thought!  Whenever I spotted the "perfect" one...John would point out it was like 12 feet tall- whoops.
It was such an adventure for the kids.
They love any reason for being outside and they thought the snow was magical...especially when!

 Mr. Wills and his Mom:

We went with our good friends, the Hildreths:

Goin' on a tree hunt...
We're gonna find a big one...
And we DID!
Our family next to our tree:

 Then, we went home and made hot chocolate, at Christmas cookies, listened to David Archeleta's Christmas Album and decorated the tree.
I love decorating the tree, each ornament takes me back in time and I just feel so happy inside.

 (John was the one behind the camera this time!)
 It was Caity's turn to put the Angel on the tree:
(and there's John's arm...and you thought he wasn't there...)
 When all was said and done, the kids were pretty tuckered out and crashed!
So, John and I had a date. 
We got Chinese take-out and watched The X-Factor (he's a good husband.)
Then played a Rudolph version of Monopoly together we got from my mom.
And I WON!
John refused to admit, as he normally does. I beat him all the time and he still claims he is undefeated, in fact- he'll read this and say, "What, I am!"
The morning after I win he leans over and says, 
"Do you remember waking up last night and telling me about your dream? Yeah, you said you beat Monopoly of all things. Weird, huh?"
And he sticks to that story too!
This time I made him sign a statement I that won. 
He signed a fake name, so I had to take a picture! 
He said the only reason he lost is because it was Christmas Monopoly and since I have an upper hand on everything Christmas, the game ruled in my favor.
It was a lot of fun.
I love this time of year.

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