Thursday, February 27, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Oh my gosh- I totally just realized that the year was also the date of Valentine's Day! Get it- 2-14, 2014?? Wow...what an amazing discovery. I must be the smartest mom on the block.

Valentine's Day was fun at our house.  I love this holiday- heck, who are we kidding- I love every single holiday! I love excuses to celebrate anything and spend time making memories as a family.  But Valentine's Day is by far my favorite holiday in the month of February.

For breakfast we made heart pancakes and had strawberry milk.  John and I tried a new pancake recipe- it is where you blend two eggs and and a banana together and add a pinch of cinnamon- you heard of it? Anyways- all considering, they were pretty good- kind of tasted like the inside of french toast, but still hit the spot.

I got the kids a mini box of chocolates and a puzzle from the Dollar Store with a doilie-heart Valentine that said, "It's no puzzle why I love you to pieces!"  Creative, right? Just tell me "yes" because after explaining it to a three year old and five year old ten times to no avail- I could really use that "yes" right about now.

On John's plate I left a bigger box of chocolates and a bag of jerky with a note that said, "Chocolates because I love you and Jerky because you are a man and probably feel girly getting a box of chocolates that you secretly were hoping for." (We love chocolates!)  I was tempted to say something like, "Chocolates because your sweet sometimes and Jerky because sometimes you are Jerk." But John is like the nicest person on the planet so that would make me pretty Jerky myself. (That was a play on words, right there- in case ya' missed it.)

 And William just got a bunch of kisses from his momma. (In other news, we had a baby.) (His name is William.)

It was a fun morning, we made cookies and delivered them to friends and took some Valentine's to Caity's friends.  We road bikes and watched Charlie Brown's Valentine's Day.  John took Caity on a date to get frozen yogurt- she was BEAMING when he asked her with flowers- it was a happy mom moment.  Johnny was jealous (I should have foreseen that.) So I told him I would take him on a date, and when I asked what he wanted to do, he said- "Make Mac & Cheese!"  It was romantic. Well as romantic as mother/son date should be. William slept the whole time, like the perfect baby who intended to stay chipper all night long.

When John and Caity go home, we hopped in our Land Cruiser to hit up some back roads. There was more snow than we anticipated.  We were still having a lot of fun and it was so beautiful! We saw some elk and a ton of tracks...then we...get stuck! Is that even a surprise any more?  This time is was on a cliff though, so I may have had a spazz moment. Or two. Or three. Or who's even counting...  Could ya blame me though? Every time we moved our car it would slide more down the ledge to its (our) eminent death.  Also, John's winch was not working! I pulled the kids out of the car just in case it rolled- that way they could just die of hypothermia instead of a car accident.  I told them to play in the snow- they were THRILLED.  Meanwhile, I was keeping John calm- you know like crying and saying things like, "WE NEED TO CALL 911 and GET LIFE FLIGHTED OUT OF HERE!" "Don't you go NEAR that death trap!"  I am still a little embarrassed about the life flighted one! haha. Well, we survived. As did our car thanks to John's winch repairing skills. Needless to say, he thought it was awesome and as we drove down the mountain he said, "This has been the best day ever." Crazy boy, John Calhoun!

We came home and I made the kids heart quesadillas and when I got done putting them to bed, I came downstairs and John had a candle lit dinner of take out Teriaki Chicken with sparkling cider. It was so cute! And of course, with William in his bumbo serenading us with grunts and cleaning the table with his slobber.

For John, I made one of those "I love you because..." frames, where you write on the glass with dry erase marker something different every day.  I also got him nice head phones for when he studies at school.  He really liked them.

Now I am going to brag a little here, people- but for every day since last February 14, John wrote what he loved about me then typed it up and put in a nice portfolio- it was the best gift I have every received!  I shamelessly love words of affirmation.  He also got me some songs to work out to- this was also very thoughtful.  Then we watched White Collar and went to bed.

It was a fun and happy day to look back on. I am grateful for John and the kids to make it all the more enjoyable!

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