Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 7: This Guy

7 years ago today, John made his debut in my journal.  I just thought that was an important thing to address. I spelled his name "Brassel."  
Weird how much can happen in 7 years- isn't it?  
Yesterday, he came home and we walked around our complex talking about all this cool stuff he learned in school. I like that we talk about everything- the big, the little, the important, the funny, even the boring- but it is still interesting because we are so happy talking with each other!

I'm lucky I have him, he is a good guy and a very favorite of mine! 
He brings out the best in me (most days- hahaha)
If it wasn't for John I wouldn't be taking classes for my B.A. still (9 years later.)  He believes in me, and I really am grateful for that.
He is just the most perfect person for me to walk the rest of this life with. 
I love him!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 6: Little Miss Sous Chef

I promised Caity she could help me make dinner. So she did.
It was a lot of fun, it always surprises me how capable she is.  Even though it was just spaghetti, it was a big deal!  She browned the meat herself, chopped the onions, added all the spices and everything.
There is only one catch: Caity hates spaghetti sauce.
 (Ha! I didn't think that one through very well!)
So when it came time to taste-test her creation, she produced the biggest grimace I ever did see, then in a calm and collected voice, she looked at me and said:
"That's disgusting."
I asked her if it had too much sugar or garlic or what and she said,
"It just has too much ew." 
It made me laugh.
It was actually delicious and come dinner time, she ate it and whispered with a grin, 
"Mom, I guess I do like it."
I was proud of her.
Reading is becoming more fun with her as she is getting better at sounding things out. At the community yard sale we found some more early readers to practice together.  These ones were more aimed towards girls and she seems more motivated reading them, which is fun for me- I love reading and it has been so wonderful witnessing her love of it blossom.

You want to see a picture that makes me laugh?
 OK, here it is:
They are so weird!


William and Caity.  I am including this because it just feels so typical to me. 
William wiggling around to see Caity.
Caity tragically recounting some minor incident that occurred, which needs reassurance that she will live.
Sometimes I reassure her, sometimes I join in and act like my world is also ending, sometimes I get exasperated, and sometimes I try to make her laugh- which usually infuriates her (but she needs that sometimes!) 
I know my child development teacher would use this as a bad example of parenting...but who am I kidding anyhow? :) 
That picture does make me smile.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 5: "And I got in trouble."

Happy Monday!
Saturday was an all in all a great day. 
After we sold all of our surplus junk at a yard sale,
we got everything packed up for our move to Denver,
deep cleaned our house, and I made enough freezer meals to last us until our move.
If only that was the case! Ha!
Perhaps this is why Saturday was so great- we got nothing done I had intended.
We did have a community garage sale (in-which we sold nothing) that John had to help with because of his job with student housing.
It was SO cold!
It is always fun to get with friends and neighbors and chat though, so I am glad we went.
We tried to sell William at Jill's table...
But people either thought we were joking or just weren't interested.
Which I guess is good in the long run since I would miss all the laundry he requires.
The kids bought some warm cinnamon rolls. 

And THIS is my favorite picture from the weekend:
John with his boys in his truck! Such handsome guys!
John found an equalizer hitch for our trailer for a great price on Craigslist in Spokane.
So, we headed off that way.
Johnny describes the rest of the day as:
"We saw guns. We chased fish. A bears were fighting over a deer to eat in their tummies! We saw hyenas and birds. We shot a snake and dad got a box. And I got in trouble. And we sat in a tractor"
In other terms, we went to Cabelas Sporting Goods!

They gave our kids some tokens to use at the shooting gallery.

(I couldn't resist.)
And they sat in "a tractor:"
John cashed in his bounty of gift cards and reward points and bought well, we'll just say "a box," for now, that was on sale.  He was a pretty happy boy.
When we got home we went to the Young's reception, they were sealed in the Temple earlier that day.
(Please tell me wrapping a gift in Jake and Neverland Pirates is classy in some world somewhere!)
It was just a much needed day. 
Despite having so much to do to prepare for a move we got to spend the day together on an adventure. 
Rewind to Friday,  William crashed our at home date night. Here is some near death footage of that!
This week is full of meetings, homework, packing, cleaning and let's be honest- reading the same book about dinosaurs over and over again.
Don't you just love Mondays?

What, you do? You're crazy.
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 4: Ding Dong Ditched

My kids thought it was hilarious to ring the door bell and run away.
Every time I would swing the door open, there stood Caity giggling out of control and Johnny laughing his head off as he ran around the house to hide. 
So we did this about 20 hundred times, because for some reason jokes like this just don't get old to kids.

Caught them mid-knock
I am taking the day off tomorrow- trying to have a computer free weekend...we shall see how that goes! Haha.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 3: Preschool Picnic

Yesterday, we got to go this cute girl's preschool for a picnic!
She was just beside herself telling me all the rules of preschool 
(what is with this girl and rules anyway?)
I was only half listening when I heard her pick up her voice a little louder and be like, 
"Mom! You know when you say 'It doesn't matter, pick it up and eat it?' At preschool, we say 'If it falls on the floor, put it in the garbage.'" 
A sheepish smile and some good ole awkward eye-contact with her teacher quickly followed.
I am pretty sure I muttered something under my breath like, 
"I uh, don't know why she would say uh that...uh...ten second ru--le uh, yeah."
 Anyway, it was a lot of fun to see her in her element.
This little guy got to skip nap time to hang out with his sister.

And he loved all the attention as all Caity's friends tried to teach him how to crawl!

Johnny made himself at home playing with the toys!

They did a chicken waddle race with these wind up chickens, it was so cute!

And they're off!

In other news, William cuddled with me today- let me repeat, he cuddled with me!
Every morning I wake up and write in my journal and read scriptures 
(who am I kidding that only happens like half the time, the other half I am laying down thinking, "ok, time to get up now...")
 until my kids come running onto my bed, and we cuddle read and talk and it is one of my favorite parts of the day.
As soon as I hear their bed squeak, a huge smile creeps across my face!
Then I hear those little feet scurry across the floor and every morning they ask, 
"Hey Mom, are you awake, or asleep??"
And they even believe me when I say I am asleep.
Last night, when she should have been sleeping, Caity cleaned her room- I just love that she does that kind of stuff, it reminds me of when I was little and would do the same thing.  I also love when she sleeps cuddling her new pair of shoes, because yes, I also remember doing that. Hey- don't knock it til you try it,
And don't try it, because that is kinda gross.

Sometimes I wonder if this baby realizes how much he is loved by his brother and sister!
Seeing them play with him is just so fun.
I used my editing skills to choose just one picture of William, but I change my mind, because despite them all looking the same to you, they are like totally different to me!
See, here his is with Johnny's stomach

and here he is looking down- all totally different.

 The next two pictures are the kids trying to take a selfie:

Anyway, off to another day! 
Is it just me, or does breakfast taste better while watching Goofy Movie?
"Lester's poss-poss-possssssummm Paaarrk- yoo doo doo do do do loo!"

Wait- two more things:  I am going to miss living in Moscow, Idaho.  I just love our friends here, it will be a hard good-bye.  Also, people- 3 days in a row- THREE!  Man, am I awesome or what?
Do you guys remember that song?
Three in a row
Barbie got Shot by a GI joe
Momma called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
Whoop,  Barbie's dead!
Whoop, Barbie's dead!
What? You've never heard it? This just got awkward must not have had older brothers that popped the heads off your barbies and used them in a slingshot.

Ok for real, that is all now!
See ya, tomorrow!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter and Picture Overload....

Easter Weekend.
It was a good one, great one. I really like the ages my kids are right now.  I think it is what I love most about my life.  They teach me so much and they add a lightness to my soul! 
I feel like Easter is such a peaceful time.

On Monday I made one of those 12-egg advent things that I used to do with my mom- you know, with different scriptures and objects with each egg.  I was extremely proud of myself!  It was pretty fun and a cool experience to do with my kids- granted the only part I think they remembered was the nails because John poked them with the nail. 

Throughout the week I tried to do Easter things so that my kids could really understand the meaning of Easter before the plethora of Easter egg hunts that were bound to occur East weekend.  It was a pretty neat experience bearing my testimony of the Savior to them again and again.  For some reason, Johnny thought the giant stone was a snow ball and that was his favorite part of the whole story!

We had an Easter egg hunt at John's school on Friday and then on Saturday we had one at church.  

My mom made Caity a dress for her and her doll, needless to say Caity felt pretty special- it was so cute too. 

The Easter bunny came and Caity explained to me it was just someone in a costume (she could see up his sleeve.) Johnny, on the other hand, was MESMERIZED!  It was pretty cute.  Meanwhile, William just sucked my hair.

Neither of us like this picture of us- but oh my gosh, I just like us together! 
We died Easter eggs on Saturday night and then headed to Stake conference.  This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend, it is just so nice for us all to take a moment, stop and spend time together being creative.
We had visiting general authority, Elder Craig Christensen came and spoke.  Saturday he talked about missionary work and on Sunday well, he talked about a lot of things- one thing I like was how we need to "try on" the gospel and really feel it to know if it is true. 

Sunday morning was great.  I think my favorite part of the entire weekend was sitting on my bed with my kids and reading the Easter story and bearing my testimony to them.  They are young enough that they sat and listened and weren't distracted by the excitement of baskets and eggs, so we really had a special moment.  Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets- it was just so much fun!  Johnny got a toy elephant in his basket and he thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world (his "biggest wish" is to see a real life elephant!)   Next we had a big family breakfast- with the works- it was my second favorite part of the day, all of us sitting together around the table eating a nice breakfast together. 

It was off to Stake Conference at that point. Caity wore her dress from Shaylee's wedding and felt like a queen!  She would just walk with her chin up, it was so cute.  After conference we were putting away chairs and Elder Christensen came up and talked to the kids, it was pretty cool.  I really liked how positive and pumped he was about the gospel. 

For dinner we had ham and cheesy potatoes- and let's be honest, I am the only one who ate the broccoli.  We had planned on watching the Testaments but our neighbors stopped by and asked that we do an Easter egg hunt with them.  We figured, why not?  Besides, three Easter egg hunts just didn't seem like enough. :)  The kids had a great time. Johnny just kept saying "Dad says I get as many as I want!"  Caity kept helping the younger kids, and William kept sucking on my hair.

Aren't these two the cutest??
Anyway, that was our weekend.
I want you to know that I know my Savior lives.  He did what no one else could and because of Him we will be able to live as families forever.  We can be cleansed and strengthened through His atoning sacrifice. I know that to be true.

Saturday morning, I was up before the sun.  I made hot chocolate and stepped outside to watch the sun rise, I felt such a peace in my heart as I reflected the reality that Christ did live again.  I am grateful for that moment and I know through Him we can have ever lasting peace.

Sorry- so much to read- I guess I just got a little carried away, and two posts in one day! Am I on a roll or what? :)  

Day 2: Cookies, the Hulk and Flowers

Today my scale tried to tell me I gained a couple pounds.
Yeah, right- scale...soooo not buying that.
So I took off my shoes and coat, stepped back on the scale- those couple pounds slipped right off and it was like it never happened!
That being said I need to hop back on the weight-loss wagon.  I was doing pretty good for awhile, then I decided pasta and I belong together! And we do! But I have yet to fit into any of my clothes since having Will- well besides the stretchy ones! :)
Dear Stretchy clothes and 95%Nylon -5%Spandex-Blend,
I love you.
Except you, Nylon/Spandex Blend, because sometimes you pick up all the wrong curves and jiggles, if you know what I mean! (I think you does everyone else who watched me run after Johnny yesterday- yeah, that shirt was worn prematurely.)
Anyways, I figure it is a good day to try a healthier lifestyle since I made ALL these cookies yesterday:
I know some kind person out there is thinking- "Well, oatmeal is kinda good for you.." 
Well, rest assured,
 because these babies are loaded with heath bits, caramallitas, chocolate chips and coconut- 
so I covered my bases, people.
 And WHILE we are the subject of baking.
Check out what is left of the cheesecakes I made for Easter.  I was so totally proud of myself, even though I so totally overcooked said cheesecakes- aren't they cute though? 
I got the tulip spring forms from my mom, who still makes holidays so fun for me, despite the fact that I am a mom myself.
And don't worry- I used artificial flavoring-
 actually, I really shouldn't joke about that kind of stuff, so pretend I never said that.
Just admire my work:

 Since Johnny had to stop eating his cheesecake so I could take a picture of the not-so-appetizing-remains, he figured it was a good time to get a little angry.
It went something like 
"I'm getting a little angry" (smiling)
(growl) "I'm getting a lot a angry!"
"I'M ANGRY!!!"
Off comes the shirt, and out comes The Hulk. 

He is FOR REAL, people.
Don't even mess with him. Or he'll like, punch you or something.
This kid is in LOVE with turning into the Hulk and doesn't let a moment of slight distress go without ripping off his shirt and showing off his eight pack of ribs and talk in a growl-ly "dad voice."

It makes me laugh every single time.

In other news....check out our plants we started growing like a month ago!
Flowers, bud already!! 
Just kidding, they are actually growing pretty fast.  
They are taking f o r e v e r. 
Caity keeps telling me I need to be patient and have faith. I'm trying, people.

Until tomorrow...
-Mary B

PS- No, my kids did not have cheesecake for breakfast! OK- maybe they did.

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