Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Picture a Day: Day 1

So, I know I am basically shooting myself in the foot by admitting that I am going to try to do this- BUT- whatever.  I am challenging myself to post a picture a day- nothing fancy, mind you- most will probably be just cheapo phone shots (see below.)  I am hoping I can capture little things about every day that seem insignificant at the time.
Well, here goes nothin'!

Today has been rainy, a little chilly too! So we all decided socks were a necessary...well, Caity mostly decided and we all agreed with her. 
We watched Robin Hood while eating light popcorn drizzled in melted butter- to enhance the healthy, of course!
We then played with blocks- only the colored ones, because I am hoping to teach my kids segregation- not really. Mostly because the colored blocks are cooler (duh.)
I don't know how I can teach Caity to keep William put! She is always defying the odds and carrying him places. 
She is determined to teach him to walk.
He will likely learn to run soon, only because it is a prerequisite to hiding. (From his loving sister.)
Johnny is wearing his "Fire Coat" (Fire is code for "makes me faster," e.g. fire bike, fire shoes...)
He is also pointing a rifle at me. 
Safety first!
That's what I always say.
They are good kids, I am glad they play with eachother so well.

Well, that wasn't so bad- kind of fun.  Hopefully I'll you tomorrow! If not, it is because I'll be skydiving!!! Just kidding, it is probably because I'll be watching Cake Boss. #wishiwaspartitalian

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Brit said...

i am so happy you're doing this!! i love your writing!

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