Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 2: Cookies, the Hulk and Flowers

Today my scale tried to tell me I gained a couple pounds.
Yeah, right- scale...soooo not buying that.
So I took off my shoes and coat, stepped back on the scale- those couple pounds slipped right off and it was like it never happened!
That being said I need to hop back on the weight-loss wagon.  I was doing pretty good for awhile, then I decided pasta and I belong together! And we do! But I have yet to fit into any of my clothes since having Will- well besides the stretchy ones! :)
Dear Stretchy clothes and 95%Nylon -5%Spandex-Blend,
I love you.
Except you, Nylon/Spandex Blend, because sometimes you pick up all the wrong curves and jiggles, if you know what I mean! (I think you does everyone else who watched me run after Johnny yesterday- yeah, that shirt was worn prematurely.)
Anyways, I figure it is a good day to try a healthier lifestyle since I made ALL these cookies yesterday:
I know some kind person out there is thinking- "Well, oatmeal is kinda good for you.." 
Well, rest assured,
 because these babies are loaded with heath bits, caramallitas, chocolate chips and coconut- 
so I covered my bases, people.
 And WHILE we are the subject of baking.
Check out what is left of the cheesecakes I made for Easter.  I was so totally proud of myself, even though I so totally overcooked said cheesecakes- aren't they cute though? 
I got the tulip spring forms from my mom, who still makes holidays so fun for me, despite the fact that I am a mom myself.
And don't worry- I used artificial flavoring-
 actually, I really shouldn't joke about that kind of stuff, so pretend I never said that.
Just admire my work:

 Since Johnny had to stop eating his cheesecake so I could take a picture of the not-so-appetizing-remains, he figured it was a good time to get a little angry.
It went something like 
"I'm getting a little angry" (smiling)
(growl) "I'm getting a lot a angry!"
"I'M ANGRY!!!"
Off comes the shirt, and out comes The Hulk. 

He is FOR REAL, people.
Don't even mess with him. Or he'll like, punch you or something.
This kid is in LOVE with turning into the Hulk and doesn't let a moment of slight distress go without ripping off his shirt and showing off his eight pack of ribs and talk in a growl-ly "dad voice."

It makes me laugh every single time.

In other news....check out our plants we started growing like a month ago!
Flowers, bud already!! 
Just kidding, they are actually growing pretty fast.  
They are taking f o r e v e r. 
Caity keeps telling me I need to be patient and have faith. I'm trying, people.

Until tomorrow...
-Mary B

PS- No, my kids did not have cheesecake for breakfast! OK- maybe they did.

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Ellen said...

Gosh I like you! I had to read your post aloud to Shane because I just think you are so clever! Thanks for posting. Life is Good :)

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