Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 3: Preschool Picnic

Yesterday, we got to go this cute girl's preschool for a picnic!
She was just beside herself telling me all the rules of preschool 
(what is with this girl and rules anyway?)
I was only half listening when I heard her pick up her voice a little louder and be like, 
"Mom! You know when you say 'It doesn't matter, pick it up and eat it?' At preschool, we say 'If it falls on the floor, put it in the garbage.'" 
A sheepish smile and some good ole awkward eye-contact with her teacher quickly followed.
I am pretty sure I muttered something under my breath like, 
"I uh, don't know why she would say uh that...uh...ten second ru--le uh, yeah."
 Anyway, it was a lot of fun to see her in her element.
This little guy got to skip nap time to hang out with his sister.

And he loved all the attention as all Caity's friends tried to teach him how to crawl!

Johnny made himself at home playing with the toys!

They did a chicken waddle race with these wind up chickens, it was so cute!

And they're off!

In other news, William cuddled with me today- let me repeat, he cuddled with me!
Every morning I wake up and write in my journal and read scriptures 
(who am I kidding that only happens like half the time, the other half I am laying down thinking, "ok, time to get up now...")
 until my kids come running onto my bed, and we cuddle read and talk and it is one of my favorite parts of the day.
As soon as I hear their bed squeak, a huge smile creeps across my face!
Then I hear those little feet scurry across the floor and every morning they ask, 
"Hey Mom, are you awake, or asleep??"
And they even believe me when I say I am asleep.
Last night, when she should have been sleeping, Caity cleaned her room- I just love that she does that kind of stuff, it reminds me of when I was little and would do the same thing.  I also love when she sleeps cuddling her new pair of shoes, because yes, I also remember doing that. Hey- don't knock it til you try it,
And don't try it, because that is kinda gross.

Sometimes I wonder if this baby realizes how much he is loved by his brother and sister!
Seeing them play with him is just so fun.
I used my editing skills to choose just one picture of William, but I change my mind, because despite them all looking the same to you, they are like totally different to me!
See, here his is with Johnny's stomach

and here he is looking down- all totally different.

 The next two pictures are the kids trying to take a selfie:

Anyway, off to another day! 
Is it just me, or does breakfast taste better while watching Goofy Movie?
"Lester's poss-poss-possssssummm Paaarrk- yoo doo doo do do do loo!"

Wait- two more things:  I am going to miss living in Moscow, Idaho.  I just love our friends here, it will be a hard good-bye.  Also, people- 3 days in a row- THREE!  Man, am I awesome or what?
Do you guys remember that song?
Three in a row
Barbie got Shot by a GI joe
Momma called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
Whoop,  Barbie's dead!
Whoop, Barbie's dead!
What? You've never heard it? This just got awkward must not have had older brothers that popped the heads off your barbies and used them in a slingshot.

Ok for real, that is all now!
See ya, tomorrow!


Charlie Holmberg said...

I am really glad I know you. ;) I'm going to miss this adorable family!

And I NEVER cleaned my room of my own volition as a child...

Kayleen said...

you are hilarious. That little William has the sweetest, most pure little baby face ever. Love his pouty lips!!

Ellen said...

Another great post! And you're right, those pictures of William were TOTALLY different! Can't go wrong with the Goofy Movie, "who's your favorite 'Possum?!" Life is Good :)

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