Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 5: "And I got in trouble."

Happy Monday!
Saturday was an all in all a great day. 
After we sold all of our surplus junk at a yard sale,
we got everything packed up for our move to Denver,
deep cleaned our house, and I made enough freezer meals to last us until our move.
If only that was the case! Ha!
Perhaps this is why Saturday was so great- we got nothing done I had intended.
We did have a community garage sale (in-which we sold nothing) that John had to help with because of his job with student housing.
It was SO cold!
It is always fun to get with friends and neighbors and chat though, so I am glad we went.
We tried to sell William at Jill's table...
But people either thought we were joking or just weren't interested.
Which I guess is good in the long run since I would miss all the laundry he requires.
The kids bought some warm cinnamon rolls. 

And THIS is my favorite picture from the weekend:
John with his boys in his truck! Such handsome guys!
John found an equalizer hitch for our trailer for a great price on Craigslist in Spokane.
So, we headed off that way.
Johnny describes the rest of the day as:
"We saw guns. We chased fish. A bears were fighting over a deer to eat in their tummies! We saw hyenas and birds. We shot a snake and dad got a box. And I got in trouble. And we sat in a tractor"
In other terms, we went to Cabelas Sporting Goods!

They gave our kids some tokens to use at the shooting gallery.

(I couldn't resist.)
And they sat in "a tractor:"
John cashed in his bounty of gift cards and reward points and bought well, we'll just say "a box," for now, that was on sale.  He was a pretty happy boy.
When we got home we went to the Young's reception, they were sealed in the Temple earlier that day.
(Please tell me wrapping a gift in Jake and Neverland Pirates is classy in some world somewhere!)
It was just a much needed day. 
Despite having so much to do to prepare for a move we got to spend the day together on an adventure. 
Rewind to Friday,  William crashed our at home date night. Here is some near death footage of that!
This week is full of meetings, homework, packing, cleaning and let's be honest- reading the same book about dinosaurs over and over again.
Don't you just love Mondays?

What, you do? You're crazy.
See you tomorrow!


Ellen said...

I love your laugh and hearing William laugh too. What a fun day you had! Happy Monday! Life is Good :)

Brit said...

I would have bought William! and what? caity has bangs! she is just getting older and cuter! love your laugh on the video!

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