Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 6: Little Miss Sous Chef

I promised Caity she could help me make dinner. So she did.
It was a lot of fun, it always surprises me how capable she is.  Even though it was just spaghetti, it was a big deal!  She browned the meat herself, chopped the onions, added all the spices and everything.
There is only one catch: Caity hates spaghetti sauce.
 (Ha! I didn't think that one through very well!)
So when it came time to taste-test her creation, she produced the biggest grimace I ever did see, then in a calm and collected voice, she looked at me and said:
"That's disgusting."
I asked her if it had too much sugar or garlic or what and she said,
"It just has too much ew." 
It made me laugh.
It was actually delicious and come dinner time, she ate it and whispered with a grin, 
"Mom, I guess I do like it."
I was proud of her.
Reading is becoming more fun with her as she is getting better at sounding things out. At the community yard sale we found some more early readers to practice together.  These ones were more aimed towards girls and she seems more motivated reading them, which is fun for me- I love reading and it has been so wonderful witnessing her love of it blossom.

You want to see a picture that makes me laugh?
 OK, here it is:
They are so weird!


William and Caity.  I am including this because it just feels so typical to me. 
William wiggling around to see Caity.
Caity tragically recounting some minor incident that occurred, which needs reassurance that she will live.
Sometimes I reassure her, sometimes I join in and act like my world is also ending, sometimes I get exasperated, and sometimes I try to make her laugh- which usually infuriates her (but she needs that sometimes!) 
I know my child development teacher would use this as a bad example of parenting...but who am I kidding anyhow? :) 
That picture does make me smile.

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Brit said...

oh my gosh i always knew me and caity were soul sisters- but now its even more confirmed! who likes red sauce! YUK! what a cute little helper. i was just trying to picture her browning the meat and dicing the onions! i mean, i did that for my first time last week. you blogging on the daily is making me miss yall so much more.

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