Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 7: This Guy

7 years ago today, John made his debut in my journal.  I just thought that was an important thing to address. I spelled his name "Brassel."  
Weird how much can happen in 7 years- isn't it?  
Yesterday, he came home and we walked around our complex talking about all this cool stuff he learned in school. I like that we talk about everything- the big, the little, the important, the funny, even the boring- but it is still interesting because we are so happy talking with each other!

I'm lucky I have him, he is a good guy and a very favorite of mine! 
He brings out the best in me (most days- hahaha)
If it wasn't for John I wouldn't be taking classes for my B.A. still (9 years later.)  He believes in me, and I really am grateful for that.
He is just the most perfect person for me to walk the rest of this life with. 
I love him!


Brit said...

but you didn't tell us WHAT you wrote about brassel in your journal...! ps- did i make the cut??

Brooke said...

I love this! You really are so perfect together. I remember you and your kids taking walks together almost every night when we lived close to you and you and John would be chatting away the whole time. So awesome!

Haha, and I totally thought Steven's last name was Redford for the first few weeks we were dating :)

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