Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter and Picture Overload....

Easter Weekend.
It was a good one, great one. I really like the ages my kids are right now.  I think it is what I love most about my life.  They teach me so much and they add a lightness to my soul! 
I feel like Easter is such a peaceful time.

On Monday I made one of those 12-egg advent things that I used to do with my mom- you know, with different scriptures and objects with each egg.  I was extremely proud of myself!  It was pretty fun and a cool experience to do with my kids- granted the only part I think they remembered was the nails because John poked them with the nail. 

Throughout the week I tried to do Easter things so that my kids could really understand the meaning of Easter before the plethora of Easter egg hunts that were bound to occur East weekend.  It was a pretty neat experience bearing my testimony of the Savior to them again and again.  For some reason, Johnny thought the giant stone was a snow ball and that was his favorite part of the whole story!

We had an Easter egg hunt at John's school on Friday and then on Saturday we had one at church.  

My mom made Caity a dress for her and her doll, needless to say Caity felt pretty special- it was so cute too. 

The Easter bunny came and Caity explained to me it was just someone in a costume (she could see up his sleeve.) Johnny, on the other hand, was MESMERIZED!  It was pretty cute.  Meanwhile, William just sucked my hair.

Neither of us like this picture of us- but oh my gosh, I just like us together! 
We died Easter eggs on Saturday night and then headed to Stake conference.  This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend, it is just so nice for us all to take a moment, stop and spend time together being creative.
We had visiting general authority, Elder Craig Christensen came and spoke.  Saturday he talked about missionary work and on Sunday well, he talked about a lot of things- one thing I like was how we need to "try on" the gospel and really feel it to know if it is true. 

Sunday morning was great.  I think my favorite part of the entire weekend was sitting on my bed with my kids and reading the Easter story and bearing my testimony to them.  They are young enough that they sat and listened and weren't distracted by the excitement of baskets and eggs, so we really had a special moment.  Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets- it was just so much fun!  Johnny got a toy elephant in his basket and he thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world (his "biggest wish" is to see a real life elephant!)   Next we had a big family breakfast- with the works- it was my second favorite part of the day, all of us sitting together around the table eating a nice breakfast together. 

It was off to Stake Conference at that point. Caity wore her dress from Shaylee's wedding and felt like a queen!  She would just walk with her chin up, it was so cute.  After conference we were putting away chairs and Elder Christensen came up and talked to the kids, it was pretty cool.  I really liked how positive and pumped he was about the gospel. 

For dinner we had ham and cheesy potatoes- and let's be honest, I am the only one who ate the broccoli.  We had planned on watching the Testaments but our neighbors stopped by and asked that we do an Easter egg hunt with them.  We figured, why not?  Besides, three Easter egg hunts just didn't seem like enough. :)  The kids had a great time. Johnny just kept saying "Dad says I get as many as I want!"  Caity kept helping the younger kids, and William kept sucking on my hair.

Aren't these two the cutest??
Anyway, that was our weekend.
I want you to know that I know my Savior lives.  He did what no one else could and because of Him we will be able to live as families forever.  We can be cleansed and strengthened through His atoning sacrifice. I know that to be true.

Saturday morning, I was up before the sun.  I made hot chocolate and stepped outside to watch the sun rise, I felt such a peace in my heart as I reflected the reality that Christ did live again.  I am grateful for that moment and I know through Him we can have ever lasting peace.

Sorry- so much to read- I guess I just got a little carried away, and two posts in one day! Am I on a roll or what? :)  

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