Saturday, May 3, 2014

Am I the only one, or do bad days make you look fat too?

Remember how "glorious" yesterday was?
Well, today has been a bad one.
Like, really bad.
Like, "are you kidding me?" bad.
I wrote it all in detail, but it went long, got personal and just not stuff I was ready to share with just anyone who happened to stumble across my blog. (No offense...)
So, although you won't know the long and gory details,  I know that as I am willing to talk about all the good "glorious" stuff, I also need to address that life can be hard- and for no apparent reason, just some days stink.
It doesn't mean I have a bad marriage, it doesn't mean I am a terrible housekeeper, it doesn't mean I am failing at does mean that bad days happen, to everyone. I've talked to too many people in similar situations to think I am alone here.
So how do you get through days like today?
Today I am going to try to reset my mind, and take the rest of the day in with a blank slate.  I'm going to be rubber and let the bad bounce right off.  I am a firm believer that we can control our attitude, so I'm going to attack that and hope for the best.
Thanks for talking, and wish me luck.
(and why not an old picture for good measure...)

1 comment:

The Mele's said...

Mary, I am right there with you. There was a day last week where seriously NOTHING went my way. Absolutely everything went hay-wire. Hugs. Keep up the good work.

p.s. Miss you!

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