Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 10: Enjoying Average Days

Today has been glorious
In most ways, it was a typical and ordinary routine.
But it was the kind of ordinary that compelled me to think, "Can my life really be this great?"
There were so many special moments that a passerby would deem unremarkable...
but for me, 
they were the moments I inhaled deeply.
I will forever savor the contentment I felt this morning while I followed my kids around watching them play.
I just want my kids to freeze and stop growing!
Here is Mr. William in his Car-hart overalls, helping Dad fix a truck:
 In the picture below, I love how concentrated he looks, with those chunky little cheeks!
He's just drivin'

 Meanwhile, the older kids were having a "picnic" and coloring:

John gave Johnny some M&M's...he thought it was so cool
 But he shared!

Johnny spilled the M&M's on the ground so he could get an easier access to the blue ones...this really threw Caity for a loop. 
She was pretty concerned about germs, but ended up eating the red ones still, because germs apparently don't like the color red (that was a close one.)

I just love Fridays.


The Mele's said...

i love days like this!!! I'm so glad you have blogged about it. Now you can remember it forever.

Brit said...

where in the world did you find those little carhartts!! i am in LOVE with those and i agree, william is delicious!

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