Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 11: Johnny Rocks!

So my "Picture A Day" goal, is less of one picture a day, and more of a Picture A Day in my Life series...and although it isn't what I intended, I have really enjoyed reflecting on the highs and lows of my every days....anyway on to today...well, yesterday....

Yesterday felt like my special day with Johnny.
Four days a week, Caity goes to Preschool, William crashes and Johnny and I get some quality time together. I like this time because I get to just observe him and appreciate all the little things he does.
First we went on a walk, this was his big debut on his bike "long-distance" he was a trooper and after apologizing the millionth time to my friend for having to wait for him, I realized (with her help...haha) I wasn't sorry- more grateful she was willing to let him take his time. So, I tried the rest of the day to be more patient and let Johnny take the lead.
Above, he was getting so tired- we had to give him pep talks and "race" him.  He kept slowly riding his bike into the stroller while he was trying to talk to William (who was also a total trooper- his first outside walk as well.) With Johnny, I noticed bugs, signs, a garbage truck (well, in Johnny's eyes it was a train "chugga chugga choo choo!") and it was so nice being outside.

Johnny thinks it is so funny to pretend like he is the driver and when I go to open the door he will giggle uncontrollably and say, "OK, Mom- get in your car seat!"  He thinks it is hilarious.
And it always makes me laugh...until I start the car and all my wipers are going, lights are on and radio is on full blast.

Johnny and rocks. 
I have said it before, but this kid loves them. Every day, I get him in his pajamas and clean out his pockets- full of little rocks he collected through out the day.
When I went to vacuum out my van after our walk, Johnny found a whole sea of  "huge" rocks.
He was in heaven.
"Oh Mom! Look at this one! Oh, wow- and this one!"

"What the HECK, Mom! Mom, mom, mom..."
"I'm listening Johnny.."
"Oh, OK mom- look! TWO rocks! Take a picture!"

Then we went to Walmart, and what do you know...
Aren't we lucky?
I had to keep repeating in my mind to be patient- haha, 
I run a tight ship, you know (or not- haha)
 and after spending 8 minutes looking at the Superman action figures, then an additional 5 minutes at the Redbox kiosk looking at pictures, then another I-lost-track-at-this-point-minutes at those rip-off-impossible-to-win stuffed animal vending machines...we were kinda running late- but I didn't say a word- aren't you proud of me?  I just watched and "Ooooed and Awwwed" at all the right parts. And we had an awesome day together.
Also, take note of that puppy animal to his left- he takes this dog every where and it is looking kind of gross, but I also think it is cute so I let him. 
When we got home he wanted to play "Mommy, Daddy and Baby" The dog was the baby and I was the Mommy, we played house for a minute, and it was sweet, then a dinosaur apparently stepped on our house and killed our baby and now I had to run and I hide so Johnny could punch the dinosaur. 
I really liked that house too, dumb dinosaur.
(Let me just say, playing house with Caity was never quite like this...)

A couple more things about Johnny:
  • When John goes to school every morning, Johnny calls out "Don't hit or push or kick, but if you're really mad you can punch somebody! Love you dad!"  
  • When I am doing homework, he runs up and says, "Mom, can I sit by you?" and he nuzzles next to me and is just content sitting there, watching me.  Sometimes he will bring a puzzle.
  • For Family Home Evening every Monday, We let each child choose a song- Johnny always chooses "ABC's."  And he sings it was such passion you would think it was the National Anthem.
  • He always says, "Mom- I like you and I love you."  And it makes me feel so good! 
  • Today he said he wanted to marry a boy because he can play super heroes, go fishing, and fight.  I asked him what he does when he marries a girl and he said, "Watch Frozen and eat broccoli."  That made me laugh.
  • He places numerical value on everything like, "I'm hungry 4!" or "I like you 3!" or "I'm tired 6!"
  • He is the best big brother and he has this special face expression he saves just for William and I have yet to capture it on camera, but it is so sweet.
  • He is an amazing little brother and he puts up with all Caity's crazy ideas and games with a big smile on his face.
  • He is always making me lego towers and block towers and is just so enthusiastic to show me. 
  • Lately, he has been calling me "A Creeper." 
I just love that Johnny boy.

PS- 7 years ago today John and I went on our first walk/date
Here we are way back then...2007


Ellen said...

Way to be patient. Glad you had a great day with Johnny. It really sounds like you are enjoying the little moments. Life is Good :)

Brit said...

he is such a cute boy. and youre the best mom.

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