Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 11: The Jumpers and the Food Scavenger

 Well, I have good news, people.
Saturday ended pretty wonderfully. 
I am just so grateful for my family and friends.
John was in charge of a community carnival, so that was our afternoon. 
John and I both thought the highlight was just watching the kids run around freely, making friends and laughing- they were in heaven.
After the carnival we went on a walk to deliver some stuff to residents in the community, and the kids road their bikes, then we went to a church picnic at the park and got to spend time talking with our friends there.
It was funny, we took our eyes off William for a moment, and he scooted and maneuvered his little bum so he was in reach of Johnny's pulled pork sandwich.  
William clenched it with his fist and John caught him just as he shoved it in face. 
It would overflow on the grass and he would just grab at it and shove it in his mouth again and again. 
Of course John just kind of watched- haha.
Then William got to the Cheetos, he dumped them out and started grabbing at handfuls- this is when I walked up.  It was so funny, I picked him and he was just so happy, covered in cheeto dust and barbecue sauce and well, he was just so content- he got his meal worth of food! (and grass...)

Here are some favorite pictures from the Carnival:
The Bounce House

 Will and his Mom:

John went down the slide with Johnny...Johnny was so adventurous, he would slide backwards, on his tummy, try rolling down, it was funny watching him, he would just weasel he way to the front of the line and he was so short, no one noticed. 
All the while, Caity would wait patiently in line for her turn, then would sit down properly with her feet and knees clenched together and with excitement in her eyes, she would slide down like a little lady with the biggest smile on her butterfly-painted face.
Anyways...back to the pictures:

 I loved William's little outfit yesterday. He looked like a little farmer!
(and people, this was one of like 10 about self control!)
Aw, I could eat him.
(I don't know why I think that is a normal thing to say... why DO people say that...)

John also went down with William and Caity:
(see Caity's locked feet? :) )

One thing I absolutely love about Johnny is how outgoing and confident he is.  It was fun watching him go up to other kids and strike up a conversation and they would just giggle and make faces and talk about the slide and everything. Nothing intimidates him. He would just jump in with anyone without any reservations.
He is growing up so fast.
Watching them play,
it was like reliving my childhood through their eyes. Not in like a I-wish-I-was-child-again sort of way...more of like getting your fill of ice-cream, then watching someone else try it for the first time, you are almost more excited then they are!
Anyway, it's Monday again- let's hope it's a good one!

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Brit said...

this one might be my favorite. i love how you described caity- i could just see it!! haha, and johnny not caring and weasling his little way through the line. i just love it all!

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