Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 12: Did You Know I Drive a Van?...(and I like it...)

These two have the sweetest relationship:
As soon as Caity is in William's sight, he starts kicking and squealing and smiling so big, he just adores his big sister.  She is always giving me tips on how to make him happy, 
(and she has a point- I mean, usually all I do is make him cry, AKA- take away the cell phone, not allow him to put bobby pins in outlets, and not allow him to sit on the edge of the bed by himself, give him something besides graham crackers to snack on...silly mom, you just don't understand)

People always ask me how it is going with three.  It's definitely an adjustment, but with time, it is so rewarding see the kids make their own personal connections with one another, especially as William gets older.  So far, three doesn't feel like a crowd and they seem to really enjoy one another in individual, special ways- and as a mom- I LOVE that! 
(even if I feel a little left out sometimes.)
So I join in!
Caity was so excited for us to take a picture together, I love her face in this picture- she still looks little!

Every few days we carpool with Liam to preschool.
(no, this is not how they buckle, they just wanted to pose for the picture in a seat belt-well, except for Johnny, can't you tell? He is thrilled for us to take this picture...)
Liam is one of Caity's closest friends up here and she has admitted more than once that she likes the last name "Barnes."  
The boys sit in the back together and tell jokes the entire ride there.
"Old McDonald had a POOP! eeyi eeyi oh!"
"Old McDonald had a poopy pants- oy oy oy!"
"AHAHA- oy! OY! OY!!!"
Then I chime in "No more Potty Jokes please!...(then thinking more about it) Or Poopy Jokes!"
"Old McDonald had a punch you in your face...punch! punch! PUNCH!"
Me: "No more punching please"
(they soft punch each other ALL the time.)
"Twinkle twinkle in my spoon, I just like to eat FLOWERS!"
"Flowers??? AHAHA, See you later Crocodile!"
"hahaha! See you later Hamburger!"
Anyway- they go on like this and pick up where they left off every time, and someone always gets punched, kicked or pushed. Then, I see Caity in the rear view mirror and yesterday she shrugged her shoulders, shook her head, and said, "Boys...good thing you have me, right mom?"

Have you heard that song, Happy, By Pharrell Williams?
I'm singing it for you, but you probably can't hear me; so here is the music video:

Well, three times out of five, this song comes on the radio on the way to school.
It is our little theme song, except we switch out the word "happy" with the kids' names.
"Because I'm Caity..."
When their name is said, they have to dance extra crazy.
They love it. 
And they dance so silly, I love it too.
However, as soon as it ends they all start going, "Bee-bo, bee-bo, bee-bo..."
And a van full of kids Bee-bo-ing, just makes me so happy the drive preschool isn't very long.

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Whitney said...

Um I seriously LOVE that you serial commented on my blog! I should have done that for every post I went back and read... it would have taken you a week to read them all since I am a stalker and read about 3 years of your life... and I love the happy song! Though an encore of be-bo-ing might change LOVE to love or even like... :) I'm so glad you've kept up your goal of posting daily!! You're my favorite nursing time reading... awkward? Whoops who admits that! :)

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