Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 18: Feeding Baby

 I just love feeding this little baby! That smile makes me melt every time!
He is so excited that I am feeding him, that he laughs at all my lame Mama jokes, and I just feel so funny. 

I wish his laugh was my ring tone- but then again, I would probably never answer my phone so I could just listen to him- then again, I don't answer it all that often anyways, haha. 
William's favorites are sweet potatoes, squash and carrots.
He hates peas.
(That's my boy!)
He also devours anything "fruit" except pineapple. 
If I want to make him the happiest baby in the world, I give him a graham cracker.  He gets so excited he can't focus his muscles to grab the cracker.

Sometimes, I try to multi-task while feeding him by doing homework or something, and out of the corner of my eye, I see him slap his hands flat on his high chair and slowly tilt his head, like, "heeeey, remember me?"
And as soon as I look over he acts relieved and starts clapping his hands against the table.

(Don't you just love those little indents on his knuckles? So SQUISHY!)

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Brit said...

chunky knuckles!!

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