Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 19: Caity's Last Day of Preschool

Today was Caity's last day of preschool. Crazy. 
Here she is on her first day:
I wasn't able to be there for this picture, why- you ask? Oh, I was just having a baby!
(Thank you, Shae for taking this for me!)
I had visions of making it a special day for her and getting her situated and comfortable in her class,
 however; William had other plans.
It was a little hard letting go back in September and not being there and I definitely had to put a lot of faith in her wonderful teachers to help her out.
On that day she insisted on wearing her "Awesome Big Sister" shirt, and today she insisted on wearing the tye-die shirt they made in preschool.
It is crazy how much happens in a school year, isn't it?
She has grown up so much and has gained such a great confidence in herself.
I will forever be indebted to Ms. Angel!
This woman just knows how to make each of those children feel so special, especially my child.
Here she is with Caity today:

Here Caity is with her other teacher, Ms. Esther.
She also had a special influence in Caity's life and helped Caity figure out how to deal with the onslaught of emotions this sensitive girl experiences
Caity just loved both of these women so much!

Since John didn't have school today and could take William home, I was able to stick around for the day (as was Johnny) and we had so much fun playing!
Johnny has had his eye on this sandpit for quite some time, he was so happy to be able to finally play in it.

 ...and pretty devastated when he had to stop and come inside:

The kids watching a slideshow of the year:

OK, so for Choice Time, I colored with Johnny for awhile, then Caity joined us, then we decided to play with Legos and I kinda got really into it and before I knew it, Ms. Esther stood above me as 
I was basically by myself, 
digging through the lego bin like any attentive mother would be. 
The worst part was that I was so in tune to my lego-ing, I didn't even hear her come up and she said something funny like, "Having fun, Mary?"
I looked around and saw Johnny playing house and Caity was building a house about five feet away, I tried to awkwardly inch my way toward her so it looked like we were playing together...
even though Caity was clearly as oblivious of me as I was of her.
(Creative types are like that, you know...ok, who am I kidding?)
And finally muttered,
"Uh, yeah!"
And smiled, because some times you just have to own up to it.
Chalk that up as another parenting win.
To avoid that situation again,
I hailed over Liam and William and convinced them to play Legos with me.
Here's my awesome Lego people:
- Liam and William liked them anyway.
Oh, and Caity was there too:
(which I was totally aware of...)
Despite that funny little episode, it was a fun day of all of us playing together.  We made shakers, swung on swings, played catch, did puzzles, watched a dental hygiene movie (to which Caity whispered, "See mom- brushing your teeth is imporant!" OK- people, I NEVER said it wasn't...), we danced like different animals,
 and Caity was glowing that we were there with her to enjoy her day. 
At one point, Johnny whispered, "Pre-cool likes me and I like pre-cool too."

So this is it, next stop kindergarten! I don't even know if I can handle that!


Ellen said...

Wow that school year went by quickly. As always, enjoyed reading your post. Legos sure can be lots of fun. Life is Good :)

Whitney said...

Man between telling your kids to eat food off the floor and that brushing their teeth isn't important its amazing your kids are so clean and healthy... gotta love the crazy things kids say! :)

Charlie Holmberg said...

Ha ha ha, love it. Don't worry, Mary. Soon Johnny will be in preschool and you can play legos "with" him, too. ;)

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