Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 20: Sleeping in the Living Room

Highlights of my Friday:

  • Johnny: "Mom, can I get in the bath with you?" Everyday he asks, everyday- same answer. "Sorry, not with Mommy."  Johnny, pouting: "I hate everything.... Except 'i-cream'...and my fire bike...and my fire shoes. I hate showers, Caity's fairy shows, hitting my head, brocc-OH-li, when there's no primary..." (stake conference did a number on him!)  I wish I could remember all the stuff he listed.
  • Caity's friend insisted that a ghost choked her by an abandoned apartment. There was an ongoing debate, between about eight girls, on whether ghosts were in fact real. I am all for letting her imagination run wild, but then I had visions of 3 in the when she asked, I told her "I don't think they are real, I think she was just pretending. But I do believe in angels"  Well, Caity believed me and said, "I believe in angels too."  It was kind of a sweet moment. Later, I overheard her explaining to her friends in a very loud voice, "There is only ONE ghost in the world, and THAT is the HOLY Ghost and HE is NICE!"  haha, I didn't even think of that!
  • There are these cute twin boys that Caity has been playing with a lot, they all take turns and include Johnny and I get so excited when she plays with them because there is no drama! She doesn't cry or worry, she just has fun and acts silly.

  • Johnny wore a cowboy hat all the day long, with his shorts backwards -again. I tried to correct him but he exclaimed,  "But I can't reach my pockets for my rocks!"  Oooooh, now that makes sense!

  • We packed up most of our house! (Yet, there is just still so much to do... and as our stuff is sitting in the trailer, I can't help but wonder what is even in there! We have way too much crap stuff.)
  • William's favorite toy is his pacifier- like, he doesn't suck on it (though I wish he would!) He just plays with it, he held on to from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm, even while he ate dinner.
  • With an empty living room, John and I moved our mattress down stairs and watched "Numb3rs" for the first time on Netflix and had milkshakes, it was so much fun and the kids thought it was hilarious when they woke up.  I thought John was trying to be fun and spontaneous (which he was,) but as we were falling asleep he closed his eyes, smiled big and said, "And I won't be able to hear Will."  William has been waking up almost hourly from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.  Well Friday night, he didn't have choice- because I couldn't hear him. I felt terrible and when I went in at 5:00 am he was so mad at me, oh, I felt bad! He did survive though, what a relief.  Well, now the kids have decided the bed is the perfect platform for "Bo on the Go." 
  • Johnny and Caity helping Dad with the trailer crank.
  • Caity: "Mom, are you magic? Tell me the truth. Because I didn't see you come downstairs and all of a sudden you were outside."  After I answered no, "Are you sure? Don't lie to me."  "Well, if you change your mind, let me know."
  • Dirty hands, dirty feet, dirty faces, dirty laundry- the kids had a busy day exploring their world.


Charlie Holmberg said...

OMG, me and Jordan were cracking up at this! I hope Shiloh ends up as funny as your kids!

Kayleen said...

your kids say the funniest things. So cute!!

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