Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 21: Oh Shoot...

Check me out!
Well, shoot! (Pun intended) I'm kinda hardcore!
Confession: I may or may not close my eyes when I shoot a gun. 
2nd Confession: I honestly don't get why I miss the targets! 
On Saturday we ventured out past Troy to go target shooting.

The kids set up camp over by the van:
(and the donuts!)
I love William's smile in the picture below and doesn't Johnny look innocent?

Well, think again:
...because he is actually looking a little possessed.

I got to hang out with Whitney and her cute baby girl!
(it is so depressing when you hold some else's baby and you realize how big your little guy has become! But also so fun to hold such a sweet little thing!)

Caity hurt her hand and was feeling pretty upset about it.
And to give her some credit-it was a pretty gruesome cut.

She miraculously recovered the moment John asked her if she wanted a turn shooting
(Feel like I need to clarify that John's guns are always double-locked and we go over gun safety often with the kids.)
Anyway, she was in heaven with her little pink earphones:

Then, Johnny had to have a turn at the 22. 
Looks kinda intense, though!
(but also so sweet.)
Queue the music and we have a quality Mormon Message right I right, or am I right?
(no need to answer that.)

John and his friends, Uriel and Jordan.  They are his typical buddies in these ventures!

We spent the rest of the day focused on what matters most in life:
The kids watched Netflix while John and I packed the trailer.
OK, so we are working on it.
PS- 21 days in a row, people!


Whitney said...

I am FAMOUS!!! Wahoo! So glad we have friends like you that enjoy redneck activities as much as us and yet are not actually rednecks!!!

Brit said...

i loved this post. yall are having so much fun. caity's hair is getting so long! and those 2 boys and just the cutest. i love, i love

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