Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 23: William Crawled Today!

Well, Mr. William had a quick recovery!
The kids were taking a bath, and I set him down in the center of my bedroom floor.  I went to get pajamas ready for Cate and Johnny, and when I came back,Will was sitting in the hall- he just looked up at me and smiled and went on playing with the bathroom cleaner- ahem...I mean, a rattle or something.
Baffled, I asked Caity if she came and moved Wills.
She said, "No."
I said, "So he moved over here by himself? He CRAWLED?"
Caity said, "He does it all the time, Mom."
What does THAT even mean, he does it all the time!?
And sure enough, he crawled back to me- like it was nothing at all. He didn't wobble or face plant or anything.
Of course by the third time he did it, he was pretty tired and ate carpet a few times- and of course that is the only attempt we caught on video.
Anyway, exciting day for my little guy!
In other news, we are all packed up- we leave tomorrow.


Brit said...

YAY WILL!!! How cute! And I love the- I mean rattle part. haha!

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness!!! Yay!! That is so funny that Caity said he does it all the time! Hope your move goes well and you guys have fun visiting family on the way!! :)

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