Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 24: Dinosaurs and Toads

We have had the best time visiting John's family. Everyone was there so it was like a big 'ole family reunion.  We went to the Dinosaur park in the morning, then Forrest grilled some steaks, then we headed to Toad's Family Fun Center and played arcade games, some mini-golf, laser tag and go-karting.  It was so much fun. 
Some highlights:
  • Johnny's reaction to the dinosaurs
  • Caity's obsession with Skii Ball- my favorite too!
  • Laser tag with the kids- Johnny reminded me of Wreck it Ralph in Hero's Duty, I didn't leave his side, but he was pretty scared!  Caity just smiled big and said "Mom- I'm killing EVERYONE!"
  • Go-karting with Johnny, he thought I was so fast even though we were in last place the whole time!  John said his favorite part was when I screamed when they turned on the go-karts- yes, I am that person- haha.
  • We all had to split up for mini-golf and John and I got to have mini date (with William) and play together.  John insists we tied, which is crazy because on some holes I got like 10 when he got 2.  Mini golf hates me, good thing John loves me. :)
  • Playing "Deal or No Deal" with John.
  • We went to Forrest's house after Toads and William was just crawling after his dog, Jackson the whole time.

So excited to see everyone!

Playing with "The Car Circus" with Grandpa Brassell

Digging for Fossils

Master William got carted around the entire time.

John with the Dinosaur whose fossils were discovered in Utah. I just couldn't resist.

The kids and Ma'ama

John, Forrest and Papa John

Jordan is such a sweet and loving Uncle.

I think Caity is a little nervous.

Johnny was thrilled with every dinosaur he saw! This Land Before Time fan was in his element!

He would run from exhibit to exhibit with his Uncle's just wrapped around his finger!

Helping Dad out!
John's parents. They are so cute!
A family picture! I love everyone's face in this picture.

Jordan was getting Johnny to walk like a dinosaur all over the park.

They were so terrified to go in this cave!


Now, that is even scarier!

John and me. It was so fun spending a day together after our whole day in separate cars!

On our way to Toads Family Fun Center- we utilized our van!  Kristen and Jordan are in the back and Kevin and Shaylee next to William

Johnny was quite the racer! Except he lost. I was sorely disappointed in him. (kidding)

I loved this picture! Johnny and Papa golfing with Caity holding Ma'ama's hand- they were inseparable!

Forrest got a jack pot of tickets! Look at Caity's face!

Johnny and Forrest with the mother-load of tickets

William rode the same ride the entire time.
And that was our Saturday in a nutshell!
(Two posts in one day! And you guys thought I abandoned this thing!)


The Hildreths said...

The picture of you and John together is seriously sooo cute! We already miss you guys!

Ellen said...

I second Shae's thought - both about the picture of you and John and of missing you. Glad you got to be with John's family. Looks like lot's of fun. Life is good :)

kmbrass said...

Mary! I love reading your blog! As per your request, here's the link to mine :)

Whitney said...

I agree with Shae and Ellen that picture of you guys is fabulous! You look so skinny and tan! Glad you are having fun along the way!! :)

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