Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 25: Trains, Hair, and Sleeping Babies.

Today we got to go to church with the entire Brassell Clan. 
This is a typical Sunday after church:
Everyone sitting at the island, eating Mac and Cheese.

Caity hates when I french braid her hair- probably because I am still not good at it and pull her hair super tight. Last time I did it, I was getting frustrated and said, "Errrr!" then realized Caity probably thought it was her fault so I quickly said, "Sorry, Caity I am just not good at this and it is frustrating." 
Then Caity said, "I know what you mean, I'm like that with my pony's hair all the time."
I'd be lying if I didn't say my first internal reaction was "Ummm, except pony hair is easy." Then I gave myself reality check and realized how sweet that was!

Today when I was braiding her hair I said, "Caity everyone will think you look just like a pioneer!"
She said:
"I just wish I had a dress that said, 'If you like my hair, just tell me- because I really want to know."
Haha! That made me smile.

Then there was Johnny.
Yesterday, he grabbed a bat for the first time and hit a softball over and over again- that's my boy!
He is so coordinated and athletic, it is fun watching him run and play.

"Mom! What if there was a train in the sky, Mom? Would that be crazy?"
Yep, it sure would be crazy.  And I would probably believe in Harry Potter or something.

When William got done pulling all my hair out, he crashed for an afternoon nap.

Then he woke up and played with Caity.

And then we spent the afternoon talking religion, politics, and all sorts of other things you shouldn't discuss with family but always do anyway.

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Ellen said...

You can tell Caity I thought her hair looked great. Good job on doing that! Life is Good :)

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