Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 9: Acrobats and May Day

Yesterday was the sunniest, warmest day so far this year...
so I spent it stuffed inside doing homework.
But then when I (finally) finished, I got to go outside spend time with my kids!

Let me just say, in Johnny's world:
Shorts are meant to be backwards, 
and if you are wearing your shorts backwards, 
you should also wear your snow boots. 
On the wrong feet.
Also, in Johnny's world, if your mom wants to take a picture:
 make sure you throw out your elbows, we don't want to miss those.
(UPDATE: OK, is funny guys- look at the last picture of Caity in this post! They are twinners!)
(A shout out to Caity's picture of John's school on the sidewalk, I wish I could have gotten the cars she drew with such care!)

Remember feeling so cool when you did this as a child?

Well Caity feels cool and does every single day until I look over and drop my jaw at her circus worthy performance on the railing bar.
What an acrobat.
Johnny started tickling Caity.
Caity kept telling him to stop and a short in Johnny's brain translated "stop" into "please keep doing that, it is so much fun and laugh like the devil too."
He loves teasing his sister. And his laugh when he does malicious for such a sweet boy.

Johnny wouldn't stand up in this picture. 
His camera knife broke- so it just wasn't a good day for standing up.

I love walking in on him playing with his super heroes.
After this picture Johnny acted all put-out,
"Moooom! Hulk say he no like pictures!"
I said, "No he didn't"
And Johnny's eyes got big and he said, "He TALKED to you??" 

I told Caity that since it was May Day we should pick flowers, wrap them in paper cones, and hang them from neighbor's door knobs (I remember doing that as a girl.)  I had every intention of doing it. 
In fact visions of pinterest danced in my head all covered with doilies and lace.
We didn't do it.
I had too much homework and the day was just too short.
Caity didn't mention it at all through out the day, nor did she ask when we were going to do it.
However, when I went to bed last night, I found a lined paper package taped on my pillow.

When I opened the little surprise, I found little yellow flowers.
It was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing in the whole world.
Without one word to me about it, she just went and did it herself and I think lined paper is way cuter than what I had pictured.
It made my day.
So, I went on a stroll last night picking flowers and blossoms to put next to Caity's bed for when she wakes up in the morning. I think she will be excited.

Also...I am trying to update past experiences so I can share the pictures and the memories aren't forgotten forever...Today I blogged about
Christmas Tree Hunting 2013
Just thought I would give you a link if you are interested in seeing what we were up to!

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