Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 8: Licking Berries and Throwback Thursday

A couple nights ago I woke up to Caity. At two in the morning. Standing eye level to me. Staring.
I'm sorry, but no matter how many times this happens- NOTHING can prepare you for the initial freak-out moment.
She couldn't sleep.
She thought she was dying from poison. The day before, her and her friend licked a berry and after it happened, the friend (that talked her into doing it,) told her she was now going to die slowly.
After calming her down and tucking her back in, I went back to sleep and all was well. I told her to talk to me next time and not keep it a secret.
Yesterday, Caity was playing with some girls in our complex and I was watching from the top of the hill. She is the youngest, so more often than not she gets roped into some weird game the older girls come up with.  Last night, from where I stood, it looked like they were doing make overs- pretending to put on dandelion make-up, twisting hair and so on.
After a while, Caity ran up to me (with a yellow- streaked face)
And said "Mom! Am I dying?"
"No. Did someone say you were?"
"No, I just wasn't sure if putting this on my face was poisonous." 
"Nope, it's not- were you guys pretending to put on make up?"
She shrugged and looking perplexed said, "I don't know...they just said hold still and I did!"
So naturally, she thought they were poisoning her, like any normal five year old.
Maybe its one of those things where you had to be there, but is was so funny- I mean, they were playing for like 30 minutes and Caity with no idea what was even going on, she just went with the flow, and from where I stood you couldn't even tell that inside her mind she was wracked with nerves that this game would end with her poisoned.

I lost my phone, so I don't have any pictures from yesterday.  It's OK though because I have been wanting to share these ones from a few weeks ago!
It was the first day of the season where you ran outside and pretended 45 degrees was really 68 degrees.  You just kind pretended your fingers weren't numb, because- heck, it wasn't snowing.  It was such a good day.  We all spent a long awaited time outside and I remember just feeling alive after a winter's hibernation.

Well, I hope you all have a good May Day! 
My day is full of homework, homework and more homework.
Who am I kidding- my day is going to be full procrastinating so I can play with my kids! Ha!
Actually, I probably really do need to do some homework.


Lauren and Michael said...

Mary! I really do miss you a lot! I love reading your blog and love seeing pictures of your kids! They are growing up so fast! Thank you for commenting on my blog posts. You always make me smile! Happy May Day!!

Lauren and Michael said...

Oh, and you are absolutely beautiful!!!

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