Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Internship Plans

John is taking his last final of the semester! It is in his National Security Law class, and since this is his desired area of expertise- he is feeling the pressure.  I am sure he will do fantastic, heck- with how much he talks and talks and talks about it, I would do fantastic!  It is so, so nice hearing him get passionate about something.

After a brief moment of cuddle time/pull-out-mommy's hair time with William, all my kids are asleep.
I am awake, clearly.  I can't believe we are moving.  It is really happening.  We came here as four and are leaving as five.  I feel like leaving here, I am not only saying good bye to my Moscow friends, but revisiting every major good bye I have had to say the last few years.  I have met so many wonderful people that I still get "friend-sick" for all the time. I am glad I have John and don't have bid him farewell- but I man, leaving friends gets harder and harder.

John's internship plans for the summer (not sure if I ever actually explained them...) are to work with the US Attorney's office in Denver, Colorado.  He will then transfer on over to the Boise US Attorney's office in Boise for a semester-in-practice for the Fall.  John is so excited for this opportunity.  Although he won't be able to work on terrorism cases (because of the sensitive nature- there needs to be a special background check), he is excited to work on cases that have to do with everything from white collar crime to illegal drug trafficking to I don't know- that kind of "federal law stuff."  It is funny with the background check he did have to get, they asked for every where he has ever lived with someone to verify that we lived there- and man alive, did we regret all those moves we have had to sort through! I am just so proud of him to have gotten these opportunities to work at the US Attorney's office.  He has worked hard for them.  I am grateful for all the time he sacrifices from studying to spend with the kids and me. We live for the moments Dad comes home and I am just so proud of how well he has balanced his time. 

We struggled finding housing in Colorado for a while, but John, who pulls things out of thin air on a regular basis, was able to find housing in Denver.  I really feel like it was a tender mercy. (Speaking of tender mercies- we sold a truck last week!)  The cheapest housing we were able to find was $1300 a month (for a two month lease) and it was about a 30-40 minute commute.  Well, where we will be staying is more than half that cost a month and just a couple miles from where he will be working.  We will be close to parks, the zoo, discovery center, library and everything.  It looks like it is on a safe-ish street too (in Washington we were surrounded by drug dealers and suspected bank robbers, and may or may not have been evacuated by a swat team in the wee hours of the morning...) Anyway- this place looks a lot safer.   I am looking forward to the simplicity that awaits us.  We are storing everything that doesn't fit in the van, so it will be nice to have a less "stuff" in our life.

And saving the best for last: John's grandparents live in Denver area! (And his Aunt and Uncle.)  We are so excited to live close to them, seeing as visiting them has been on our bucket list for about...7 years now!  It makes me so excited the kids will know their great grandparents better- they are just wonderful people and I am beyond happy that they will be able to make a deeper connection with my kids- not to mention, they can tell me how cute William's rolls are when I am sick of hearing myself saying it (if that is even possible.)

After the summer we will head to Boise and after the semester in practice, John will finish his law program on the U of Idaho-Boise campus, located near BSU.  We will live close to my Aunt Janae's family (my mom's sister,) I am so excited for this as well.  There Caity will start kindergarten! We are hoping we can find an affordable older home, as opposed to an apartment.  A backyard is just a luxury I long for! We will see what happens though. 

And, in other news, I found these pictures on my computer that our friends took when they hi-jacked John's phone, they capture after-church moments that make me happy! :)
Caity is probably off stalking the missionaries somewhere.
So, John's dream is to work with the FBI (it could evolve into something else after this summer- we shall see.) Wouldn't he look so cute wearing a suit every day? Excuse me, but please stop checking out my husband now. Haha

This looks like a selfie- but I swear it's not! I take enough of those with the kids all time!  I just love how chunky my cheeks are in this picture- I just wanna squish and pinch 'em!

Johnny eating smarties from the Bishop.
Well, I hear little patters of little feet making their way down my stairs.  So, hope you have a good day. Check me out- TWO posts in one day!  Yay me.


Whitney said...

I am so impressed with 2 posts in one day!!! I hope you keep blogging over the summer so we can be part of your fun adventure! I can't wait for you guys to join us in Boise and I'm glad we don't have to say goodbye for long! :)

Charlie Holmberg said...

I took those! Me! Me!

We're going to miss you guys SO much! Hope to see you in Utah this Christmas!

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