Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday Strolls

I love Sundays.
I feel like there is the obligation for us to spend time together as a family- so we do!
We aren't rushed to and fro and can just enjoy the quietness of Sunday.
This Sunday was Mother's Day.
Caity drew me like 100 pictures- some from her, some from Johnny.
And her super cute Primary teacher with great hair and a fantastic sense of humor (OK-so it's me! haha) made a questionnaire for the kids to write about their moms.
Apparently my favorite food is tuna fish! 
And I look prettiest with make-up on, and my favorite thing to do is laundry.
She knows me. Haha
But she did get my age right "26 and a half." That surprised me!
William said "Dada" for the first time. And cuddled with John for like 45 minutes 
(I think he was a bit confused on who's day it was. So, for my card, John crossed out "mother's" and put "father's" haha.)
John made me breakfast, the kids were pretty excited too: 
"Dad makes even better breakfasts than you, mom!"  
Yeah- they get cold cereal today. Haha. It was good though!
Whenever I work on the bulletin board or handouts for Primary, it drives me crazy I don't have a paper slicer because all my lines are crooked and sloppy. So when I started working on a Mother's Day handout for the kids, John surprised me with a little paper-slicer thing.  It was so thoughtful.
We both were released from our callings and I didn't even cry saying bye to the kids (talk about self control), but a little part of me is breaking inside knowing I likely won't see them after we move- we just have the best primary kids in the whole world. 

After church we went on a nature walk.
It was such a beautiful day!

Deer tracks! Caity wanted to catch one to take to the zoo.

John telling me all his hunting stories as we drove by areas he hunted.  Like the time he saw the wolf! Ah! I don't know how that is at all cool and not terrifying.
I'm in love with this house and it's wrap around porch!

It was a great day and I am to the moon and back grateful for this little family that calls me "Mom."


Ellen said...

The walk looks beautiful! I really like the picture of you & John holding hands and walking away from the camera. Glad you had a great day, because YOU are so great! Life is Good :)

Whitney said...

You two are the cutest! Is that Miss Caity's professional photography skills? Was she using a "camera knife?" :) Looks like a great day!

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