Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three in a Tub

Yesterday was full of u-turns, a temperamental GPS, and traffic.
We left our little attic to conquer Denver and failed miserably!
The day ended on a good note as we met up with family and had dinner at John's Uncle Michael and Aunt Shannon's house.
It was a fun night and Caity was in heaven playing with John's cousin, Alyssa, who is 7.
Playing dress-up. I love Johnny's face in "Really, I have to stand here with this hat on?"
They were inseparable and clicked right away, I was so relieved as Caity was feeling pretty homesick for her friends she left behind.  Alyssa was like water to my thirsty child, and I felt so grateful to see that satisfied smile on Caity's face as we piled into our goldfish-littered mini van.
In less than five minutes all the children were fast asleep.
John and I talked about nothing I can remember, I only remember feeling completely content that we could just sit together and talk.
We pulled into our lot around 8:00pm and three sleepy children woke up chipper and ready for menacing.
I looked at there dirty, smiling faces and knew a bath was in order.  They willingly agreed with me wholeheartedly...well, after I bribed them with fruit snacks, anyway.
The Attic (as we have named our Denver Oasis) has a large old fashioned claw-foot bath tub.
(These were actually from Sunday morning, not Friday night, but still cute!) 

The three of them looked so cute sitting in the large tub all covered in soap giggling.
While they played in the water, I set out some water, pretzels, and fruit snacks for the kids and laid out their pajamas.
First to come out was Master William. He loves being wrapped in a warm towel, he smiles really big and crunches himself in a ball and cuddles into you- I love it. And last night was no exception. It's like I suddenly forgot all the hair he literally and emotionally pulled out from my head throughout the day.
While I got Wills ready for bed, Cate and Johnny shivered their way into their pajamas.
(Johnny was struggling getting his underwear on and at one point said, "My rude! Come on underwear, I'm getting...ugh....angry. MOM!" haha)
William was so excited to get in his bed he flapped his arms and buried his face into his blankies, gasping and giggling.  By the time I came back with this bottle, he was standing in his pack and play marching left-right, left-right, on his face was a huge toothless grin.
He flopped himself down and reached up for me....
just kidding
....he reached for the bottle, when I am holding that thing, I just don't even exist!
While the kids ate their snack I cleaned the "bath mess." I overheard them trading fruit snacks, "I'll gi-gi-gi-give you a Ma-Ma-Ma-Mater for y-y-y-your ummm, y-y-y-your, umm- that one." (johnny)  "Only if you give me two." (Caity) (No, it didn't work- Johnny is a smart one.)
Then we brushed teeth.  Then I blew dry Caity's hair.
Then I checked on Will, took his bottle and gave him a toy to play with.
I found the kids waiting for me on my bed with a book on their laps.
I asked them where I would sit and they scooted opposite ways so I could fit in the middle, then they squeezed in close, and Caity told me I should probably take a bath too, in the nicest way possible.
She was right- it was a long, hot day!
We read. Then we found dad and had family prayer and then the kids were tucked into bed.
I found them a few minutes later, cuddling-fast asleep in the same bed.
Then I sat on the futon with John, who had been setting up internet all night, looked up my work load due by midnight on Saturday and freaked out for about 30 minutes before I decided I was too tired and would work on it in the morning.
9:30pm and we were in bed.
I looked at the dead spider swinging from my ceiling and debated if I should clean it up right away or wait until morning. (It's still there. Gross.)
I thought about us all sitting around the table eating breakfast this morning, I thought about the smell of baby shampoo in my kids' hair, I thought of how good it felt to brush shoulders with John while we sat on the couch looking at my homework,
Sometimes it takes a chaotic run-around couple of weeks full of moving and vacation for me to really appreciate an average night.
Last night I went to sleep feeling beyond grateful for this little family that despite the chaos of life- bring me quiet peace and joy.

John just sent this to me. Caity saw her first rainbow!


John took the kids to the park so I could blog get some homework done. John said the kids both had a pretty big fall. Johnny was going down a hill and threw his feet to the side, showing off, then he stumbled on the grass.  Caity was weaving in and out of the dirt and lost balance, then Johnny ran over her.  The way John described it, I couldn't help but laugh- they are always showing off on their bikes! When they got home, Johnny opened the door and shouted, "MOOOOOM!" He ran into my room and exclaimed, "Mom! We saw LOTS of ants! Outside!" Then he just sat there looking at me with wide eyes, so I said, "No way!" and he said in the most solemn voice, "Yes way, mom."

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The Hildreths said...

Every time I read your blog I am renewed in my purpose as a mother. You are such an amazing writer Mary!

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