Monday, June 30, 2014

It's a Small World After All

Well, well, well- another weekend down in Denver.  I live for these weekends, you know!  
I was determined to get all my homework done on Friday so we could have the weekend to do whatever we wanted because that is what weekends should always be.  
I am pretty proud of myself- I read William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying in less than 24 hours, people, and did all the papers and essays required at that!  Let me just say- if my kids refer to me as a fish in my casket I will most assuredly haunt them. 
William was the most excited to see John on Friday. He was just besides himself crawling in circles and up John's leg.  He loves his dad! Lately, John has been calling him "Sharp Tooth" because all his teeth that have broken through, still look like fangs.
 John came home and took the kids to the park and then we had some gourmet hamburger helper for dinner, because school nights just don't leave a lot of time for cooking.
I love this picture of John and William: he was just looking at John and talking his whole dinner!
Saturday morning we made our way to Morrison to check out a place John heard about at work called Tiny Town.  On a scale of "World's Biggest Twinkie" to Disneyland....I'd put somewhere around "Home of the Fattest Chicken."  Though a little gimmicky and tourist-trappish- we had a splendid time and all I was missing was a fanny pack and socks for my sandals. 
It was a town full of all these miniature houses that we got to go look at.
Before we went, John told Cate that he was going to take her to a place that would turn her into a giant.  She was sorely disappointed to realize she was just supposed to use her imagination. 
It went something like this:
John: Whoa, guys- We turned into GIANTS! The houses are all small.
Caity: If we are giants, how come the trees are taller than us?  How come our clothes didn't rip off?If we are giants how come I can't reach the clouds? Why is our car still bigger than us? (etc, etc, etc)
Finally I had to explain that was just trying to make it fun for her, that seemed to fit logically in her mind and she was willing to play along for his sake.  Good grief.
All the while, Johnny was just doing everything in his power to keep his shirt on. (Just kidding- he doesn't usually do it in public...just had to throw it out there for my own personal amusement.)
Riding the real life steam engine had to be the highlight.  Even William was jumping up and down excited. The train took us to the other side of the stream and we got to see more little houses and mills and cabins. We even saw a miniature of the "Haunted Mill" from Idaho! That was pretty cool since John and I have actually been there and everything.
 (Side story: JOHN! Remember that time we went to the Haunted Mill and you let that creepy girl from The Ring hold MY HAND and let me think it WAS YOU? AH! I don't even care if it was 5 years ago. I will never forgive you for that! Except I have, except I really shouldn't have...To this day, I still have trust issues from that experience!  OK, Side story over. Glad I got that off my chest.)
Now where were we...oh yeah! As soon as the kids started running by all the houses I turned to John and we both were like, "Honey, I blew up the kids!" And we pretty much felt like the wittiest people ever...I bet we were the first people to ever allude to that movie at this park, like ever.
(Probably not). But we are still funny.
I wonder what Caity's favorite house was?? Oh duh, the PINK one! 

This was inside the majestic theater. It was fun seeing all the details inside the houses.
Below, the kids are looking in the windows.

Hide yo' kids!
There's a giant baby on the loose!


So this was a few of many pictures we took of poor, miserable William in attempt to make him look like Godzilla Baby. 

We thought it was funny anyway.

The kids at the Tiny Town Library.
We had a picnic at the park and played on the play ground.

Then, we made our way toward Red Rocks and explored our little hearts out.

It was a fun little adventure, but the kids were sure excited to get home!

For dinner, we headed over John's grandparents for a alive, was it delicious! Such a perfect end to a perfect day of adventures.  John recorded his Grandpa telling stories, Johnny played wiffle ball with Grandma, and Caity spent most of the time coloring her cardboard house they have set up for her our of refrigerator boxes there. I need to be better at getting pictures of the kids with their Great Grandparents!
Here is a picture from a couple weeks ago when John's grandparents gave them a Welcome to Denver gift bag: 

Well, back to Monday- ready or not! :)
I think I will make some cookies.
And eat them.
I'd rather not say what the kids are up to right now, but let me just assure you, it involves the toilet. I suppose I should stop blogging and get on that.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sundays are Nice.

I like Sundays. 
It seems like the normal hum-drum of day in and day out goes on hold so we can have a day full of personal reflection, re-dedication to our Savior, and family togetherness.
After wrestling a 9 month old in the hall for a good three hours-gathering snippets of my different church meetings as he would was nice to get home and take off those impossible heels that I wore thinking, "Well, their not TOO uncomfortable..." 
I have to say,sz despite my hall wandering, I felt spiritually refreshed. 
My favorite way to end Sundays is going on a family walk, and yesterday was no exception.

 Life is good.
I have a lot to be grateful for.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's all coming last.

Well, if you have been following my blog, you know I have been experiencing an uphill struggle called, "Johnny seriously though, get a shirt on."  This boy is shirtless about 3/4 of the day, and it isn't because I don't put him in a shirt at least 5 times throughout the is just that things come up and in order to do those things, he apparently needs to rip off his shirt. 
I tell him to clean his room. He takes off his shirt and gets to work.  I ask him why his shirt is off and he says, "You asked me to clean my room!"
I have been wracking my brain as to why we can't overcome this Mowgli Mentality. Then as I was looking through pictures on Facebook, and it hit me.
I blame JOHN!
(side story: I told the kids this was their dad when he was little and they said "Oh cool."  Then Caity asked who the little girl was and I said "NeeNee" and they about hyperventilated with excitement. They just love her.)

Ha ha!
Maybe I should call John's mom to see how she handled it. 
Until then, I guess I just have deal with Little Mr. Rib Cage racing around my house.
Just kidding, I'm going to make him put on a shirt right now.
In other news, we went to the park.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Awkward Turtle

Yesterday after the missionaries left, I asked John, "Was I awkward?" and immediately started laughing- because I already knew the answer. I was totally awkward. Ha ha.
Then John gave me "the look" and I laughed even harder and I said, "Why? Why do I have to be so awkward all the time?"
With out missing a beat, John smiled and said, "It's not that you were awkward, you were just playing socially hard to get." Ha ha.

Oh dear me...

People are always complaining about post pregnancy  bodies, meanwhile...I'm over here listening to myself talk and I am like, "Who IS this person?" It just hasn't been the same, you know?  (Not saying my post prego body is all fine and dandy...)
It's like all this dramatic emotional growth and change at a rapid pace, and I just don't know how to catch up with it all- does that make sense?  If not, good thing this is a blog, because if we were real life, it would get awkward. Again.
I mean sure, when I blog I sound like myself...but blogging is basically the grown-up lady version of talking to imaginary friends, if you know what I mean.
But besides that.. if you are over the age of say---five or six, our conversations will probably contain a few "ahems" and a couple, "sooooo,, so you're having a good day then?...Good."

I need to get out more. Like, f'real.
But until then....I'll just hang out around here. With these little rascals.

Caity has been Miss Photographer lately.  It is fun seeing the world through her eyes. Not to mention viewing the 101 selfies she manages to take of herself.  Here are some of my favorites

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