Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Pillow Sack Race

Apparently forgetfulness penetrated through all three of Johnny's layers of clothing today...because yes, ladies and gentlemen, Johnny is escapading around my home shirtless. Again. I told him to get a shirt on and he was like "Mom. (long deliberate pause.) I got muscles. I the HULK, Mom."  Well excuse me, Mr. Hulk, how dare I try to clothe my child.

Meanwhile, Caity is singing her little heart out into one walkie-talkie with the other pressed up against her ear.  I looked at her funny and she giggled and said, "What? Someone's gotta listen to me and you already heard this song!"  Taking care of business.

Grateful for John today. Well, grateful for him every day really...just today, especially.  Sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks, you know?  I just want to storm my way through Denver and kidnap him so we can go play together.  But I suppose I should be responsible....and get stuff done.

A part of me knows I need to get my house ready for the missionaries who are coming over for dinner, and the other part of me is like,  "They're 19 year old boys, like they are really going to come up stairs and be like, 'Wow, Sister Brassell, did you mop your floor today? It looks fantastic.'"

Oh well.  Off I go. Hi ho, hi ho.

And oh my goodness- people- Johnny is wearing a shirt! A dirty shirt...but a shirt. He looks so dressed and clothed and stuff- you wouldn't believe it.  I just asked him why and he said, "You said put a shirt on. I'm mad. But I'm OK."

Now I feel guilty I haven't said anything about William.  I like him and he says "mama" now....but only when he is angry- haha. Cute boy.

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Brit said...

The thing I just can't wrap my head around is that missionaries aren't our age anymore! When did that happen? I can't believe your old enough to feed the elders. Jeez. P.S. I love little William's legs in those overalls.

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