Monday, June 9, 2014

A Woman with a Plan...that Never Seems to Pan Out.

Today I woke up with the perfect plan for a perfect day.
I was going to exercise, clean the house, make the kids breakfast, shower while William napped.  Then we were going to walk to the park, play for a while, come home and play with sidewalk chalk, make the kids lunch while I started on this week's homework.  Then we were all going to play together, laugh together and run through daisy fields together.  We would pick up John from work and he would just feel the magic in our eyes as we recounted a successful day full of love and happy faces.
Today I woke up and nothing went according to plan.
If I was being honest, I would admit I may have raised my voice towards my kids a few times.  But this is my blog and we are going to leave that part out.
Messes were made, children fought, children cried, I finally gave up working out and figured the least I could do was shower.  Let me tell you the best part of showering these days: the amount of privacy I never receive. (Remember-My blog... I don't have to tell the whole truth here.)
By 9:00 AM, William had me "grounded" to the confines of the area rug in my kids room.  He wasn't hungry or sleepy, didn't need a change, didn't want to be held...just wanted me to sit there next to him while he played.  In other words, he had to force me to be a good, attentive mom.  Haha.
Well, you know the saying- when life (or your baby) throws you on the with the legos the older kids neglected to put away after you instructed them to do so about 5 times.  So I made some gravity-defying, color-coded, lego towers while my hair dried into something you would see on a Chia Pet commercial.
After admiring William's chunky little elbows for over an hour, he finally wound down and I put him down for a nap.  I walked across the Attic to my room to find John's dry cleaning strewn across the bed with Johnny cuddled deep in my suitcase, using my clothing as a comforter. Awesome.  Well, we got that mess taken care of, despite a very sassy 5 year old who insisted she did all the cleaning around here. OK.
While the kids ate lunch (I made quesadillas and then they begged for cucumbers and apples- another "forced good mom moment") Anyway...while they ate, I used every anti-frizz and heat product I could get my hands and attempted to make my hair presentable.
Then, oh good- the kids woke up the baby. :) Some days just get better and better and better!
Although, not a single part of me wanted to, I decided we would walk to the park, William is happiest when he in that stroller and I figured we could use some "outside time."  Not to mention, I did want to do at least some of the stuff on my list!
Turns out, it was just what our little group needed.
Oh glorious sunshine! How you make my days better.
This guy is always looking back and smiling at his brother!

Caity doing an "underdog," well, trying anyway

We had a lot of fun exploring new parts of the park, and Caity pushed the boys on the swings- they just loved it.  By the time we made our way home, everyone was pretty exhausted and I kind of had to drag them as they cried the entire way home.  
I reached my limit.
Just kidding, it wasn't stressful at all.
Just kidding, it kinda was.
But we made it home, and William went down for a nap, I made a strawberry smoothie with the older kids and now everyone is completely crashed out!
(except me)

Well, that was a super positive post, huh?
I'm off to clean the house (again) :)
Until tomorrow,
(because despite all the hiccups, the world didn't come to an end)

PS- Tomorrow will be better
PSS- And if not, maybe I will be able to play with Legos again.


Laura said...

Mary, thank you for sharing. I love reading about your life. You are such a wonderful mother. Love your realness and voice. Keep it up!

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

Ugh I miss you.

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