Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Day in Denver

While I was locked in the horrific, demonizing, torturous dungeon I call, "homework;" 
My lovely husband took my children out on an adventure to scrounge a part to fix the A/C in the car- bless his fix-it man heart!
I was pretty bummed I couldn't tag along. Probably because I had so much work to do.  
Let's say he took the kids so I could eat ice-cream and read a book of my choosing- I would have welcomed the alone time, if we're going to be real...
However, given the circumstances...I missed those guys!
So while I was completing midterm after midterm and essay after essay,
the kids got to get at 7-11 
(is it just me or are 7-11s to Denver the same as LDS churches to Salt Lake- not complainin' just sayin'!)
 and play at another water park...
in which they avoided the water all together- ha!
Well, except for Will...sometimes I feel bad for him and the adventures he has to endure with our family! 
Anyway, I was able to get all my homework done, and no, it wasn't as bad as I thought, and even got the house picked up, dinner made and a little run in- I felt like a rock star.
The kids were so excited to show me the pictures of their time with Dad.

I just love this picture of William- I think it is so candid, and you can see his little baby gut- ahhh! Baby tummies!

I heard about these swings NONSTOP at the dinner table.

Johnny just jumps in...he doesn't even think twice. I need to be more like that!
They came home so happy, and I think we need to make this Daddy-Time-Out a daily tradition! Haha, just kidding- but at least here and there. 
We ate dinner then had family night.
We played hide and go seek, and for a small area, this place sure has a lot of good hiding spots!
Oh, and Caity wants me to tell you the last picture is of the kids in the cave.
Glad we clarified that.

Tonight we are heading to the children's museum for their free hours- we haven't done anything like that before so it should prove to be an air-conditioned adventure! 


Nate and Chelsea Peck said...

That's so fun for them! Homework is no fun though! Are you guys in Denver?

Spencer Brassell said...

reading your blog is probably my most favorite part of my day

Spencer Brassell said...

annnnd that was me-brittany

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