Friday, June 6, 2014

Before The Daily Grind

Thursday, John started work at the US Attorney's office in Denver.
So on Wednesday, feeling the pressure of fleeting freedom, we decided to make a day of it.
Running Errands.
That is what our life has come to. 
A grand day out of returning modems, buying socks, looking for a Sunday dress for Cate, vaccuming out cars (oh, wait- we didn't have time for that one- the other errands just got way too crazy, if you know what I can't possibly know what I mean.)
Sarcasm aside, we really had a great time! 
It was a beautiful day and the kids got to ride the escalators in Target, so they were happy campers.
John racing Caity. (What do you mean having Johnny up there doesn't look safe?)

Now, THIS doesn't look safe. Haha. They went in to turbo mode to get a lead on Caity
She saw her disadvantage and slowed to a walk and said, "Mom, those boys are just out of control, I'm just not up for this," shaking her head... like she was SO above this nonsense. (Truly, she is just so competitive she can't stand to lose.) haha

While Caity was trying on dresses, the boys played dress up too!
After rationalizing the cost for about an hour, we decided to celebrate John's first day and go to Olive Garden for lunch and get the bottomless soup. So delicious.
The kids had so much fun and we just sat and talked about our day and what they liked about "Dember."

 We went to City Park that evening and played in the rain storms. The kids were in heaven running around.
One thing I will definitely give Denver: LOTS of parks.

William is happiest when we hold his hands and help him walk.  Crawling seems so trivial to this little guy!
 This island was so creepy. 
Ya know, looks like a bunch of trees from afar....
 Then you get close and realize there are hundreds of black birds covering the trees and the sand and flying back and forth like crazy.
OK, so maybe that wasn't significant enough to blog about- but I figured: hey, if I am going to include soup, I might as well include the flesh eating birds that really don't eat flesh, but if they did we would have been in huge-o trouble. Creepy, creepy.
To keep up our health-streak (ha!), we came home and made peanut butter banana shakes- oh yum!
Until tomorrow...
Or let's be honest, I am supposed to be doing homework all it may be until this afternoon....haha!

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