Monday, June 23, 2014

Caity Likes Pushing the Stroller.

Basically, William fell down the stairs last night.  It was traumatic for everyone who was present, with the exception of Johnny. Who thought it was funny. Hm. Sometimes, I worry for that boy's soul.  You see, had it been his stuffed dog, Petch, he would have been nothing short of hysterical.  As I chased William's little body down the stairs he kept rolling just barely outside of grasp! Luckily, I think he is is A-OK.  Time will tell though.  I think he was reaching for a cheerio....that Johnny threw down the that I type this out, I am really concerned over Johnny's soul, except not really
Lately, Johnny has been filling his little back pack to the brim and hiking around the house going on some adventure or other.  The back pack is bigger than he is and he kind of reminds me of a little ant...but rather than step on him, I want to just squeeze the living daylights out of him, but he usually is like, "Mooo-om! I'm busy over here!"  I have been trying to train him to consistently wear a shirt, like a civilized boy.  Today he came up to me wearing three shirts. "Sometimes I forget to keep my shirt on, and so if I take off my shirt- wow, there's another one!" 
Caity was like, "Johnny you are so smart!" 
I'm like, "How the heck do you forget to keep your shirt on?"
Cute boy.
For about 30 minutes a day, regardless of how much "running time" he gets outside, Johnny runs back and forth through our apartment.  He strikes a starting position and says, "On my mark, bet sit, and GO!" Repeated 100 times.
Caity believes she has discovered the highest number known to man: 1,000,049.  Many times a day she will say something like, "Mom, I am hungry plus one million and forty nine!" or "I love you one million and forty nine."   I straightened her hair on Friday, and she looked in the mirror and exclaimed, "Holy Rapunzel!" 
John is liking work these days, and a happy husband makes for a happy Mary, if you know what I mean.  I'll tell you what though- I was pretty dang excited for the weekend so we could see him for a couple of days. 
Caity just told me that Johnny broke a crayon.
Correction: Johnny just informed me that it was actually his dog, Petch.
Caity just put Petch on time-out.
I love how William will crawl up to me and climb up my leg. So I took a picture:
 In church on Sunday, I was playing "Patty Cake" with him and he laughed like I was the funniest person in the whole world, it is good that he grasps this at a young age.

These kids hide under this grapevine while they wait for us to unlock the door every day.

We went for a walk on Sunday. John and I were accidentally twinners! How embarressing, I mean cool. In the background they are playing quidditch, people. Like for real.  John, the hater of anything that involves an imagination :) (kidding...he just doesn't prefer it), was like- "OK, that is weird."  I jumped to their defense because Harry Potter is just something that needs defending...and was said, "Whatever I think it is cool, I would totally go play." As we got closer, there was a sign welcoming anyone to join in. John looked at me curiously to see if I would follow through.  I looked at the quidditch enthusiasts running with brooms lodged between their legs and well, I guess I didn't think it was that cool....because we kept walking.  Some day maybe. With people I know maybe.  John said he would play if hover boards were involved...I started naming all the people it would be fun to play with and he started laughing and said, "Yeah, none of them would do that in public." BAH! Well, I just may start making invitations to prove him wrong. But probably not. Because I probably wouldn't do it public, myself. Maybe I'll have a big 'ole backyard some day! 

It's going to be a good day.
William is up from his nap and is standing by the couch just chatting away to me.  Maybe he is telling me to get my tail in gear and take care of our house and eliminate what I call, "the weekend hangover." But that probably is not what he is saying at all...he is probably just telling me how good I smell after I go running and how flattering John's basketball shorts are on me. Yeah, William says all the right things sometimes. :)


Kayleen said...

I love all your updates. You seriously have such a talent Mary! You're a great writer, a fun mom and hilarious to top it off! Lovin' getting to know your family again (who are also hilarious!!)

Ellen said...

I hope I was one of the people you named that would play quidditch with you, because I totally would....even in public. Great post, as always! Life is good :)

Whitney said...

I had the same thought as Ellen!! I would play Quidditch with you in public too!! :) I love reading your blog! I was seriously laughing out loud at your hilarious kids! We miss you and can't wait for you to get here, but I'm glad you are having a good summer!

Brit said...

Petch?? haha, A) I need to meet Petch and B) I need to hear johnny actually call him that. That's cute. And holy Repunzel Caity! Your hair IS long!! Also, I totally would have played quidditch, even though I skipped over the quidditch chapters when reading Harry Potter

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