Monday, June 16, 2014

Cars and Big Rocks

At our house, it isn't Father's's Father's Weekend.
So on Saturday, despite the kiddos waking up at 5:30 am, John slept peacefully until 8:00. That was a lot of work people. My kids are loud and obnoxious playful in the mornings
Since my language of love is food I made John a special breakfast with Strawberry Cheesecake pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fruit.  I know I am bragging here- but I was totally proud of myself! 
Then John went and played basketball.
When he got home, we went to a car show with some family.
I just knew Johnny would think it was the funnest thing ever.
Clearly, I was right.

Of course, this Caity's favorite! 

All the men in our party.
We did have a good time with family and my husband was in car heaven looking each and every one over with his grandpa.
Meanwhile, we kept busy waiting for them:
 Thank goodness for (great) grandmas!

When we got home that night, we had time to kill, so John took us to another park he found that morning.
There were rocks for the kids to climb, and they had so much fun.

Then, John was like, "Mary, go up and I'll take a picture."
I said, "No way." (It seemed way too tall.)
He tried to guilt me into it saying it was his special weekend, and tried to convince me how cool a picture would be for the blog.  Still wasn't doing it, he was crazy to think I would.
Then Johnny yelled from the the top, 
"I on top o' the WORRRRRLD! Come on, Mom!"
OK, OK...I'll do it, just so long as I can overreact the whole way up and announce at least twice that I am going to fall and die.

(I didn't die.)

Then we played with the other toys:

 Then we came home and I put the kids down and John and I watched a movie.
Just kidding.
He made me finish my homework.
Good man.

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