Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fleeting Things the Kids Do and Say

While riding his bike over the cross walk, Johnny turned to the Cadillac blaring rap music and hollered, "Cool music, guys!"

If there is ever a bug flying in their space Cate and Johnny shout, "Shoot! Shoot! Get away BUG! Shoot!"

Whenever I ask Johnny to do something for me, he salutes me and says, "Yes, SIR!" and marches on his merry way.

Caity's brain apparently doesn't wake up until "noon."  So I lied to her and told her it was noon, when really it was nine in the morning.  She was pretty upset with me and said, "Now how is my brain supposed to make it until bedtime."

Lately Caity is "Just not up for that right now," quite often. I hear ya' sister.

Johnny has been drawing pictures and showing it too and saying "It says, 'I'll love you forever, mom and I'll never forget you in the whole universe."

When William is tired, he buries his face into his blankteria.

After years of cooking for this family, I finally have someone who loves food. Johnny. Every meal he will look at me and say, "Mom, this is the most delicious food everrrrrr!" Sometimes I don't make the most delicious food ever. And he will look down at his lap and say, "This isn't yummy in my tummy, Mom. Sorry, but I just can't eat  this."  If I ask him if he needs help and spoon feed him, he usually will change his mind and tell me it is delicious


When I feed William his meals, he'll take a bite and angle his head so his ear is touching his shoulder- then I'll copy him. He'll smile all big and do it to the other side.  It is our little game.

Today I played "Go Fish" and UNO with the kids.  Johnny was pretty upset in UNO when he ran out of cards first.  We tried to explain that he won, but he just said, "I don't care. I want my cards back." Caity gave him her cards and said, "Well, looks like I won this game too."

Whenever Johnny catches William looking at him, he scrunches up his face and says all growly, "Are you lookin at me? You crazy little baby chunker man pooper!"

When we push William on the swing he kicks his legs alternating left and right.  When we push him in the stroller, he rests his hands over the tray and looks stoically a boss.

As soon as we turn the corner to our house, we tell the kids they can run down the alley.  They get so excited and run as fast as they can, pushing each other as they run.  OK, maybe just Johnny pushes.

If Caity has to interrupt what she is doing to ask me a question, I can 100% guarantee Johnny will follow suit, just so he won't be left out.  Yesterday, after bedtime, Caity opened the door and asked "Mom, do the ants outside really bite? I'm really nervous about it."  I told her no. Seconds later, Johnny opens the door smiling.  What, Johnny? "Ummm, umm. um.... So, do you like it when you see balloons at the store?"  Yes Johnny.  "OK, thanks, good night Mom."


Whitney said...

Bahaha I read this post to Jord and we both were laughing out loud!! We miss you guys and your hilariousness!! I love that Caity totally gave Johnny her cards and declared herself the winner! What a smart girl! :)

Brit said...

hehe (:

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