Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In House

Today we didn't leave The Attic once! The first time since we have been Denver.
We played with ponies, cars, blocks, legoes and doggies.
We took baths, played hide and go seek, ran through obstacle courses, and crawled around in circles.
We put William down for a nap and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Netflix
(side note- I thought this movie was hilarious.)
We anxiously waited for Dad to get home.
We vacuumed graham crackers off the floor 5 times.
We read Dr. Seuss books.
We told knock knock jokes.
(apparently mine aren't very funny. Anyone who has heard my kids' knock knock jokes can see the irony in this.) 
We made cheese sandwiches and ate popsicles.
We giggled, we cried, we fell off beds, we got splinters, we made "tooting" noises with our sippy cups.
By the end of the day, I was ready to pull my hair out...but William already did enough of that
(have I mentioned he does that? Oh yeah, like every post I talk about it.)
Except it wasn't SO bad, I can just definitely say I earned that goodnight kiss when I tuck them in tonight!
John ran to Walmart for me to grab some baby supplies and we decided to eat together later and call it a date.
So as I sit at the table with the rascals and watch as they eat their beloved Mac and Cheese and bananas; and guiltily feed William peas (he hates them as much as I do,) I think over my day with my little companions and kind of hope these days never end.
But alas, they will.  Life will go on.  And instead of them asking me the gazillion questions, I will be waiting up until midnight with my own list of 20 questions. Instead of milk in their sippy cup, they'll want keys to my car, instead of asking me to read to them, they will read to themselves. Instead of them hoping I blogged about them they may beg me to not post anything about them.
Maybe by then they will admit how funny their Mom is. Maybe I'll still be the only one in on that secret
But that is sad to think about, so I am going to slip on into the wonderful bliss I call denial and enjoy some pictures procured by Miss Caity.
(ummm, his face isn't dirty- there is something in your eye, you should check that out.)

Well, this one was taken by me, of course.

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