Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paper Eggs, S'mores, and Wrestle Mania

Well, William is officially nine months old and has been out of me longer than he was in.
To celebrate, he broke three teeth within an hour! Poor guy!
Speaking of teeth, Caity has an oval shaped bruise on her arm from when Johnny BIT her today- bit her. That was a special moment.
Yesterday, though, was just a great day.  I found a grocery store in the morning that was easy to get to (coming from a girl who took 2.5 hours in search of WalMart last week) and it was a nice, orderly store (coming from a mother of disorderly children-I can only handle so much chaos, you know.) It was a nice accomplishment finding that store.
When I got home, I mopped, I laundered, I cooked, and worked on reading with Caity. I even- get this- got ahead on some homework.  We went to the park and played, then got back home just in time to pick up John from work (I only got kinda lost once this time.) (and only almost ran through one red light.) (and only almost backed into one vehicle....while John watched with that "what are you doing?" look.) (whoops.)
Kids were bathed, dinner was consumed, William was put to sleep and we had Family Home Evening.
Caity spent all afternoon making up a game to play for Family Night...it involved giant colored Easter eggs on paper and tape...but she couldn't tell me what it was.  The anticipation was killing me. And her- she was beaming all day.
Johnny was in charge of music. So, we sang- you guessed it- The ABC's.

John gave a lesson about how we show God we are grateful for our bodies.
(At some point Johnny said he took care of his body by eating Popsicle.)
Then we played Caity's game that actually made sense this time.  She hid the paper eggs around the house and we had to find them, then hide them again.
(I can't find my phone or I would include a picture.)
For treat we made s'mores over our gas stove. It was so fun.
Then it was cuddle time with Dad...just kidding, they wrestled.

I went to bed exhausted, but the good kind of exhausted.

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Whitney said...

I'm glad you had such a good day! Sounds ridiculously productive! Well done! :)

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