Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Red Rock Racing

Our first couple days in Denver have been bu-sy! 
We have spent a lot time running around with John's Grandparents and Uncle Michael's family.
Also, Kristen and Jordan were up visiting for a wedding. 
I must say, Colorado is a pretty place! 

Here we are at a little golf course where you could hike up and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
(Yeah, I don't know what my hair is doing in this picture either...don't look at my hair...look at my cute kids and husband and the pretty background! Except not my husband because he is taken.)

This little guy got taxied around like he was was Prince Ali Alabahbwa or something.

Maneuvering through cactuses. I was trying to capture John's grandparents holding hands, you'll just have to imagine and imagine it extremely romantic.
The whole group (minus Cordan) There are four generations in this picture!

John and William

Miss Caity adn her Mama!
Then, it was off to the Red Rock Amphitheater
Ayden was quite the photographer. He also was an amazing pianist and I may or may not have made him give me a little recital in his room. I just love the piano!

Alyssa with her grandparents and Caity with her Great Grandparents.

A natural ampitheatre that they made into a concert stadium! It was so pretty. You could see Denver in the background too.  It was just incredible.
Michael and Shannon made us all lunch and we picnicked while we enjoyed the view.

All these healthy fit people were running up and down the stadium like it was cake walk. The boys all decided to raced to the bottom and back.  I managed to snag a picture of John right before they said go! Haha. He's winning!

And they are turning around. The girls look like ants!

Matthew was the winner! Which is crazy because he started last! This kids can haul!
And John...well John did good too! :)

She was pretty tired climbing up the stadium!

Caity drinking soda and Johnny saying "Mom! You forgot your purse! I'll bring it to you!"
I am so glad we were able to go and do this! It just a blast. 

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Ellen said...

LOVE the first family picture - and I studied your hair quite intently even though you said to ignore it - and it really looks fine. Looks like y'all are having quite the adventure there in Denver! Life is good :)

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